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  1.  Functonal and video looks superb.


    Personally I don't care if an mp3 player has Wi-Fi or not, that isn't a selling feature for me. I sold my 3rd gen iPod touch to get this and I am glad that I did.

    Reasons I bought this and sold my new iPod.
    1) Don't need iTunes to use it, hooray!
    2) Can use it as a backup flash drive
    3) Has a radio
    4) Battery seems to last longer (running games on iPod will kill battery life)
    5) Much cheaper
    6) May have a slightly smaller screen, but video looks much much better.
    7) Doesn't get very hot like the iPod
    8) Software provided is a lot better and faster
    9) Firmware updates take less time.

    The best alternative to an iPod, I am so glad I got this I'm actually smilling as I type!!

  2.  Superb for the price


    For this price there is not many micro camcorder's that have the same quality and feel to them. In regards to baronn's review I had a slight problem with installing the SD card into it too, I was expecting the card to make a clicking noise. Unlike other memory cards you do not push the memory card inwards to eject it, there is no spring action. I used a tiny jewellers screwdriver to get it out. They are the micro SD cards used in mobile phones so can be fiddly. I'm using a 4GB card so I don't have to keep taking it out and really once it is in you don't need bigger capacity. This is because the battery will run out by the time it fills 4GB so at that point I'd be uploading my movies anyway / recharging it. Charging is done via a mini-USB to USB cable, you can get an adaptor for the mains for it. To install the card look on the side for a tiny diagram to get which orientation it goes. The copper bit of the card goes in the same direction as the lens i.e. forwards which is slightly counter-intuitive.

    Pictures are in 640x480 and work in suprisingly low light conditions, don't expect a zoom!, which doesn't sound much, but it comes with sound and for the size I can't find anything close. Apart from the clip this is not a completely plastic, fall apart in a week, job. It feels solid and for it's size feels heavy too.

    It has a voice activation switch on the side too, only sounds above 62dB will trigger it which is pretty loud. It will turn itself off after exactly 30 seconds of inactivity (yes I did time it!) which is a good feature because it only has 3 hours of life to it, but you do need to press the top button twice to start recording when it goes idle.

    Taking everything into account, picture quality, sound quality, price, battery life, size, build quality I can only give this 5/5. If you want higher resolution pictures get the HD version but expect it to be considerably bigger!

  3.  A two-dimensional game with one-dimensional fun.


    Unlike previous CSI games this is all in 2D, yes 2D. I don't understand why Ubisoft would make a 2D version of a CSI game when the others were in 3D and largely very successful. I cannot imagine it would be more difficult to do as there was usually only 5 locations in previous CSI games. Sadly even when the cast do appear there is cartoon like lip-sync, they just stand there ocassionaly going from a scary grimace to a creepy smile.

    The mini-games are very gimmicky and you feel that you are playing a kids game. Ubisoft do not understand their market; no-one buys a game about murder to play "match the shapes".

    Most of the game is spent selecting objects on screen to match the objects at the bottom of the interface. There does not appear to be any reason for "collecting" these objects. You don't even get to move around the scene, because it is all in 2D.

    The only shine of the game is that I felt the stories were stronger and the game progressed faster (largely because you didnt spend a long time trying to find the necklace near Saras feet for instance, as in the other game), but overall the feel of the game made me feel that this game could have been made about 10 years ago.

    Only buy this if you are a big fan of CSI: NY and know someone you can donate it to when you finished playing it.

  4.  Probably the best zombie game in a long time


    The AI in L4D is simply incredible. You can chose to play 1 of 4 characters, hence the title and the object is to get to a safe room without dying.

    There are 4 Acts as it were and each Act is divided into 5 chapters. You can chose to play a particular chapter or act from the start should you wish. Each act ends with a finale which usually defending an area until you are all rescued.

    There are certain special zombies which add to the mix, hunters will prevent a player from moving by pinning them to the ground, they are fast can jump around and are tough to kill. Witches are zombies to avoid, once they are activated they can easily kill one player instantly. Smokers have a long tongue and can grapple a player and cause a smoke cloud on death with deals damage. Boomers are large slow zombies that explode upon death causing damage in an area. all these special zombies can spawn in random locations.

    Each chapter is relatively short, but the increase in difficulty makes a big difference. The hardest difficulty is incredibly tough, I recommend starting on a difficulty you are comfortable with just to learn the maps and mechanics of the game as each chapter really has a set route to go, the start and safe rooms are in set locations.

    Sticking together is key as the zombies literally run at your group in the dozens. On higher difficulties knowing which weapon is best for each situation and were potential ammo locations are is important as you can quickly get overwhelmed. Should a player be reduced to less than zero health they become unconscious and have to be revived. Health packs and pills are not very common so it is crucial not to go commando and run off from the group. Crouching helps to allow teammates to shoot over you as friendly fire hurts.

    The game is pretty flawless in terms of bugs, however you do need a pretty decent rig to get the most out of it and when the zombies arrive you will soon know if your PC can cope. Having lots of ram is recommended in my opinion.

    The fun in single player is short lived and is really to help you learn routes, the weapons and how to play the game. The real selling point of the game is online play. I've never had so much fun online then when playing L4D and it can be pretty scary at times as the zombies really do seem like they want to eat you alive and they genuinely look horrific.

    At the price it is now I can't recommend this game enough.

  5.  Servers getting more full as game gets more popular


    I remember when World of Warcraft was released, not many played it then compared to how many now. It seems to me that more and more are going from Warcraft to Warhammer, the WoW realm I am on is pretty dead but the WAR one is jammed pack, but not in a laggy way. If you are even thinking of buying this game, just do it because it is about to snowball into something massive like Warcraft did 2 years ago. Funnier and more polished than Warcraft and best of all no need to raid!! The only MMO to make me cancel Warcraft account.

  6.  Amazing game.


    Unlike Crysis this is an 'on the rails' shooter from start to finish. The graphics look simply amazing and won't stress your PC as much as other FPS's. Call of Duty has been brought into the 21st century with the Middle East being the central location for most of the game. There is an engaging story and the game is full of action from the absolute beginning. It is a relativey short game like Portal and like that game it is over before you want it to be. Every thing about CoD4 from the visuals to the AI draws you into a totally beliveable world filled with people who want to kill you. This game is as close to making you feel as though you are in an action movie as it gets.

  7.  Almost 5 years old, sadly it is starting to show.


    I decided to wait until I gave Lich King a good try before reviewing it. I ordered through play.com and it arrived the day after Lich King went live. Unfortunately like the Burning Crusade there is little to do once you hit the level cap; it is the same as before "raid or die". There are a few good moments that make you go "ooo that's really cool", but sadly once you've seen it a few times it quickly loses it shine. The zones are cleverly designed to squash as much content in as little space as possible, but it still feels huge even on a flying mount.

    Sadly the death knight class has nerfbat written all over them at the moment they are stupidly over-powered, imagine shamans in the first few months of release and you get the idea.

    The innovation in Warcraft (what little existed anyway) feels dated now, siege vehicles and destructible buildings can be found in other online games and MMO's.

    I'm still giving it a 4 out of 5, because it is very well polished, if you are not level 70, there is nothing WoTLK can offer you. I can't give it a 5/5 because it is starting to feel old, the community is still the worst on the Internet, not just online gaming and despite updated shader effects and slightly higher res textures graphically it is starting to show it's age. The GM's are still robotic in nature, speaking of which the reason I stopped playing is because most realms, especially EU ones, are plagued with bots which inflate the figures that Blizzard tell everyone.

  8.  Mines of Moria includes the original


    Unlike other MMO's this includes the original on the DVD and you do not need to raid 24/7 to have fun. Slow to get going but once you get past Bree it gets more involved.

  9.  One of the worst MMO's ever made.


    If it's so awful, why am I giving it 2 not 1 star you may be asking yourself. Well it does have a strong very tight community which is almost 100% focused on crafting. So if you like crafting this is a game for you. However, there are few players still playing.

    It also costs almost the same each month as some of the more premier MMO's such as WoW, Tabula Rasa, EQ2, but is not even in the same league.

    If you DO decide to buy it and play it. [Although you can get hold of digital trial so not sure why you'd bother] Then avoid the EU server Unity as not many EU players use it as the US one has much much better support.

    Highlight for me would be 100% no gold spam guaranteed , no raiding whatsoever and the almost trance-like state the game will put you in. Although that could be confused with a self-induced coma as it can be exceedingly boring at time.