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  1. Bait



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     A shark fan must!


    There are two types of shark films; the great ones (which are a rarity) and the just plain cheesy ones. Bait places itself right in the middle. It has an original setting and is actually a pretty decent shark film. Actings not bad, graphics are pretty good and it had suspense. Its not the next Jaws but if youre a fan of shark films this is a must see.

  2.  Chilling and clever


    Dread is a film that follows students doing a study on peoples fear. However like true horror films it takes a sinister turn. The film is true brilliance. Its slick, clever and chilling. Dread is not a teen slasher or gore fest but rather a psychological horror that takes the viewer into the dark realms of fear and personal suffering. Its gritty and a truly original film that I highly recommend to any horror fan looking for something different.

  3.  A horror fan must


    This film is a must for any true horror fan. The tone of it takes you back to the early horror days but with better graphics and acting. It follows an investigation of a girls murder with haunted bangs in the night and ghostly visuals. Its a horror film with depth and originality which is so hard to find these days.
    This is not a fast paced, buckets of blood horror film but rather an unsettling ghostly horror flick with scenes of gore. I really enjoyed it.

  4.  Shark film with a story


    Okay its a TV mini series rolled into a film so its really long but truthfully the films length made me love all the characters, they were developed well. There is more then just a shark attack film going on which is new and was awesome. And as for the sharks? Loved them, slightly absurd in parts but what shark film isnt, it does have some good acting and scripting which for a shark film is a bonus. I really enjoyed it.

  5.  Naff and amazing


    Okay firstly its called Sand Sharks so I do hope your not expecting a master Shark film! Its cheesy, laughable and absurd but I loved it. Some of the graphics are questionable but I love naff shark films and if you do too add it to the collection!

  6.  Mega dissapointment


    There is no good scripting or acting in this film and there is very little special to the special effects. Now, Im a fan of cheesy films like these but it really is not one I would recommend, its not even a laughable film its just a tad lame.

  7.  Worth a watch


    Loved it. Its just like a teen version of Shaun of the Dead. Shame its an unknown film because its an ace zom-com. Laughs and gore!



    Wow this film sucks. Its not even on par with cheesy sucky shark films its just not good. Look elsewhere shark fans.

  9.  I want a refund...


    No real horror fan will appreciate this. The acting is poor and yes there are a few jumps and things that go bump in the night, but it really is nothing special and not at all scary. Overall a huge paranormal disappointment.

  10.  Weird, just weird


    This is a really bizarre film, and not in a good way. The characters were strange and awkward to watch, the story was weird and theres random nudity that is just cringey to watch to be truthful. It also took ages before the film actually got going and began to be remotely interesting or even gory. There are definitely better horror films out there!