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  1. Mud



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     Mud, disappointing


    Another hyped up film that proved to be flat and disappointing. It lacked the dark suspense promised by the trailers, not that you can ever trust them of course. Performances and filming were good but the story lacked any real imagination. Basically it was a coming of age type film about a boy who discovers the disappointment of love whilst helping a fugitive evade the law and a family bent on revenge. Not a convincing film but worth a look on a wet Sunday afternoon, however do not expect too much.

  2.  The wolf of wall street, not impressed


    Contrary to my fellow reviewer I do not rate this film at all, its not a nice film about not very nice people, despite the glamorisation by Scorsese. The film illustrates selfish, greedy, indulgent individuals debauching, cheating and abusing their way to millions, not in my view entertaining. Added to that, the story itself is so thin it is barley visible through the sex, drugs and rock and roll. Having said that DC's performance is pretty good, as is the rest of the cast but I still did not enjoy this film at all, it's a cross between Gatsby and Caligula.

  3.  47 Ronin


    I almost did not buy this film because of the dreadful reviews it received but I have to say I'm glad we got it and enjoyed watching it. Okay it's not a blockbuster but it's well made, and the performances are good. KR is not going to win any prizes for his part and maybe people expect too much as he is such a big star. Best ignore all of this, watch the film, follow the story and enjoy the show. It's okay!

  4.  Oblivion - Too much Cruising


    The plot is really great but the film just suffers from too much of Jack, i.e. TC. It's all about him, and the story gets lost by the wayside because TC being the hero, the fighter, the lover etc. you know the story, in omni present. If you are a TC fan then buy the film otherwise wait for it to reduce in price. It's an entertaining film with good people, but just far too much 'Jack' (TC). Maybe it should have been called EGO???

  5.  The Lone Ranger - Not to be taken seriously


    I don't really understand why this film has under such a lot of criticism, its a fun action film with ample amounts of both action and humour. It's not to taken seriously. It's silly, crazy and exciting, what more do you want from a film? I can only recommend that you give it a chance, don't expect too much and enjoy it, it's fun.

  6.  Pacific Rim - Pretty ordinary


    This is an okay, film real boys stuff and I mean 'boys', very predictable and for the most part extremely ordinary but worth a watch on a nothing else to do evening.

  7.  The Master - Rather pointless


    This film is indricate and articulate but rather pointless. The acting, photography, and prouction is superb and holds you throughout but at the end it's, yeah and so? I was left asking myself what the film was actually all about and am still waiting to discover what conclusion should be drawn from the story. My advice - don't bother, it's much to do about nothing.

  8.  Lockout - unremarkable


    It is all right, pretty mediocre really, very obvious plot with bits plagiarised from many other action movies, but it is put together well and creates a watchable action film. The most redeeming part of the film is the psycho Scotsman who plays one of the bad guys, the rest of the cast just seems to be going through the motions of making yet another pre-moulded film with a mundane script and type-cast characters. Nothing remarkable about this film but if you have nothing else to watch, go for it.

  9.  Into the wild - Tragic story


    This film is not quiet what is displayed in the trailer, rather than a story about the wondrous adventures of a young man setting off on a journey of self discovery it is in fact a tragic story of a young man running away from an unhappy family life and the controlling restraints of society. It is a very interesting film and a must see, but be warned despite the wonderful people he meets and the fantastic things he does ultimately his need to escape from human contact leads him to a tragic end. Made all the more so because it is a true story about somebody real. It is a very thought provoking production and the film is very well made, showing the ups and downs of living on the road, romantic it isn't.

  10.  Coraline - great film


    What a fantastic film, great plot, wonderful imagry, and supurb production. It does lose its direction a little through the middle as the story gives way to special effects and imagry but soon gets back on track with a great ending. A must watch for all, although could be a bit too scary for the very young.