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  1.  Best FPS on the Wii


    Synopsis And Single Player:
    The game is set in World War 2 during 1944 and revolves around an American G.I who works for a Special Forces unit called the OSS. The game is spread over 8 levels all set in France during German occupation and have you doing missions ranging from sinking submarines with timed charges to cross mine fields with a metal detector, all the while shooting at your enemies in what can only be described as the most intuitive controls on only console. The game also has many achievements and medals to unlock for the completists out there and 3 difficulty levels . There is also Wii Zapper support for the casual gamer but it is not anything special.
    This has to be the most drawing point of the game. There is simply no other game out there that puts the Wii remote to better use. The game offers a large customization level to the controls ranging from the bounding box which effects your turning sensitivity and also enabling turns speeds.
    The game also uses the motion controls to very good use. For example, when using the sniper rifle, to zoom all you do is twist the remote which will enable the zoom function when looking down the scoop. On another occasion you could be rotating the nunchunk as if you're cranking a lever which will rotate an AA gun and then flick the Wii remote upwards to fire off a shot. The number of clever uses in the game is outstanding and I could spend a lot longer on the controls but let's move on.
    This isn't the prettiest game on the system but it certainly isn't the ugliest either. While the game suffers from bland textures on characters, the levels themselves are quite impressive and replicate war torn France quiet well. In addition the frame rate is a smooth and never slows down even when there are loads of enemies on the screen and plenty of action at the same time. The game also boasts some impressive technical effects some as bloom affects and depth of field.
    The game has some impressive sounds to boot. All guns in the game have unique sounds and all sounds authentic, this coupled with the explosive sounds coming from grenades and mortar fire all enhance the experience and really get the adrenaline going in the heat of battle. If you have a 2.1 surround sound or higher you will really benefit from this. There is plenty of VO in the game as well with the Germans speaking German AND NOT ENGLISH like in other games which is something which tends to be overlooked in several WW2 games. The music is something which is left at the back a bet, with a moody yet beautifully sounding orchestral score during the main menu the game itself has little to no music except for maybe the odd musical chime when you complete a mission objective. It's a good thing that the sound effects are so immersive otherwise this would affect the game experience.
    Finally a Wii FPS with a decent online component. After having to settle for games like far cry and red steel which, although good in their own respects, had no online multiplayer what so ever. This game boost the largest online multiplayer of all Wii titles, even beating Mario Kart with its 12 online multiplayer. In addition, as this game runs off of EA servers there is no need to have friend codes which has been the bane of many a player using the Wii's online service. Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 boasts a massive 32 online multiplayer, consisting of death match"," team death match" and "capture the flag" games. This alone is brilliant but the fact that the experience is so smooth with no frame rate slowdowns and no disconnections from the server only makes the experience that much sweeter.

  2. De Blob

    De Blob

    Nintendo Wii

    7 New from  €8.40  Free delivery

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     a game of this quality at this price is a true steal


    This is a game which i just can't get enough of. It nails the premise of the wii be appealing to new and casual gamers but also having enough depth for the hard core user.

    To go into gepth about this game you play as De Blob who has to bring back colour and life to Chromo City. The premise could not be more simple, you collect paint and create a canvas of colour energy on each level.

    The Best quality about this game is the music without a doubt. Each level starts of with no music as the levels are all dull, until you start painting and you start to build up a fantastic musical melody, but the kicker is that which colour you are will play a unique still of music for the level of the main music. If you're red and colour a building you'll get a little guitar solo, if you're blue you'll have a little funky trumpet number. It makes you paint buildings just to hear the music.

    The game isn't short on the polish too, which is a problem with the wii at the moment with too many 3rd party publishers putting little effort into their titles *cough* UBI SOFT *cough*.

    The great thing as well is that each level has not's of challenges which can be completed or not, which makes this great for the hardcore who like the challenge and great for the casual who just wants to play along because they are not necessary to finish the level.

    And finally this game is going for 18 quid... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, START THE COLOUR REVALUTION ;)

  3.  A good FPS, nothing more


    This game is really a mixed bag of opinions as this game has many good and bad points but ultimatley it ends up being an enjoyable experience.

    First the bad points. This game should not be compared to the original master piece that came out on pc some time ago as this game is lacking several of it's key features which gave doom 3 and half life 2 a run for their money, these would be graphics (to a degree) and AI. First of the graphics, the game from a level design perspective can be quite captivating with huge forest levels and detalied bushes, however charecters and vehicles look dull and bland which is a shame because the WII is capable of so much more, Metroid Prime 3 proves this. Second is the AI which has alot to be desired. They have the worst aim possible and their respons to when some of their allies are gunned down is absurbed. An example would be that I would shoot one of them down and the guy next to him would simply draw his gun and stay still rather then run for cover, which is fairly normal for AI these days. I would have to say that my last gripe would be the voice over, Jack Carver is never a man of charm and in the original PC game he sounded awful but my goodness they managed to top him with an even worse voice over.

    You maybe wondering after reading all this why I gave far cry 4 stars, well allow me to explain. For all its flaws there is one thing that this game does well, especially when you take into account that this was a launch window game. The controls are some of the best available with precision aiming being a breeze to do, also MOST of the gestures work very will in the game. It would appear that the development team forcused the majority of their time on controls and little on the rest because the game does control well, very well which makes the experience fun overall. Apart from the controls there are several other factors which make the game enjoyable, as I mentioned earlier the levels are long without being too long and although the game suffers from poor voice over it does have some excellent sound and music to the game which matches the overall theme. Finally at the time of writting this long winded review the game is only going for 14.99 which is a bargain when you take into consideration what you get.

    With the crop of FPS that are available (which isn't much at the moment) the obvious one to get is Metroid Prime, but until medal of honour: heroes 2 comes out you could make worser choices then this... ENJOY :)

  4.  brilliant game


    At the time that I write this the game is going for a mere 15 quid. That is a steal for something as immense as this, granted the engine is based on the original gta 3 but what the guys at rockstar north have done with it is nothing but incredible. You have a huge landscape to go through with NO LOAD TIMES!!! That is nothing short of genius.

    As usual the radio stations a filled with great music and funny dj's (lazlow is still there) and there is so much to do in it that by the time you finish this game gta 4 will be reduced cause gta 5 will be out :P