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  1.  downhill


    if you have played GT from the start you will understand how downhill GT5 has gone. from one to the other its improved from GT to GT 2 they added full bodykits on any car from GT2 to GT3 the added lots more tracks and just progressed then B-spec came in and it was very promicing.

    but GT5 is off the scale.
    they brought back race mods ok amazing, then you find out its only good for 12 cars or somthing stupid out of 1000.
    then you see they have a added a driver veiw which is only availible for about 200 cars. the delerships are rubbish there are less cars in there than GT1. to find a car like FTO touring car you have to wait a year for it to pop up in used cars then hope you have enough money. also my biggest let down was the AI. if your on racing softs (best tyre) then obv they should be to match you. but no they will be on racing hard. also they dont have that fighter feeling they have in all the other GTs, i played GT 3 and in the amuter race i had a harder time than i did in the extreme in GT 5. also when you overtake them they drop back, like they break to make you feel good. so to race agasint like Audi R8 race car you have ot be in like the mazda RX-7 LM racecar to have an enjoyble race.

    if you a true GT fan stick to 1-4.
    5 they tryin to aim at kids as well as adults and its backfired horribley.