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  1.  Compatiblity issues...


    I'd love to leave a more in depth review, but unfortunately this game is more or less unplayable for myself, and many others at the moment. Having SLi enabled seems to cause massive amounts of flickering on screen, and the only way to fix it, is to disable SLi. This then severely hampers performance for me (even on a 590 GTX and i5 Haswell setup). I played the multiplayer for about 30 mins before having to stop due to the issue as well as the poor gameplay. It felt like a cheap knock off FPS (of which there are hundreds around). It felt like nothing new.

  2.  Sony/NEC DRU-190s


    I have this drive in silver hooked up to my gaming rig and so far no problems! Have been using it for about a year or so installing mostly but the occasional burn. It is defintely SATA to the reviewer (who posted last year :))

  3.  Amazing!


    This is possibly the best purchase i have ever made. Just the right size to sit in my room and not overpower. I have it hooked up to my X360 running 1080i. I heard bad things about the speakers not being very loud but that seems to be a lie! even on 1/3rd of the volume it's pretty loud as in heard throughout the house. All in all a very nice looking TV with great features and for a 32" it's a reasonable price at £430

  4.  Oh Dear


    Just as i expected this film is rubbish. I don't know why i ever agreed to seeing it. The story is ridculously slow and focuses on just a single point. Basically it shows how awful the youth of today is and why this country is such a state.

  5.  Great


    I personally thought this film is worth a watch at least. It isn't my usual style of action or thriller type films but it makes you smile and laugh. It's quirky for sure but i enjoyed it, makes a change to the usual rubbish that comes spewing out these days.

  6.  AoC


    Well i'm currently having great fun in Early access. Although it's not without plenty of updates stopping gameplay. But so far it's running great and looks amazing on my 8800GTX. 4 stars simply because there are loads of updates and the game isn't properly out yet!

  7.  Bloody good


    Well what can i say, for the money it's a solid monitor and comes with a 3 year warranty too. The bezel is nice and thin so looks ideal for dual monitor and it would be affordable too. Sure the specs aren't as nice as the big samsungs etc but what difference are you going to see thats going to warrant the extra money. I use this for both PC (DVI) and X360 (VGA) and its great basically. so go for it.

  8.  Bloody good fun :)


    Played the beta and was very dissapointed with performance but i was re-assured that its not very well optimised and everyone was more or less in the same boat. Got the full game and was pleasantly suprised with much smoother performance and nicer visuals as a direct result of this. I'm using a decent machine:

    Win XP Pro SP2

    Core 2 E6600 2.4Ghz Dual core
    2Gb G.Skill DDR2 800mhz
    Radeon HD 2900XT 512Mb
    X-fi Xtreme Audio.

    If you like shooters you've probably already played this but if you haven't, give it a go the single player is good and it isn't buggy because EA only published the game and Crytek made it ;)

  9.  Questions



    just thought i'd answer some questions :)

    1) the controllers are wireless and should come with a headset for talking but if you want to go on Live wirelessly you need a wi-fi adaptor for the console providing you have a wi-fi router.

    2) the console should have an component cable and scart adaptor, but not HDMI i believe only the Elite is ready for HDMI etc.

  10.  Alright


    Had a go on the demo and to be honest did not like it. The combat system is really "stiff" and not smooth at all and it ran poorly even on an E6600 with an HD2900XT on high graphics and still didnt look very good at all. Not going to beat oblivion ever tbh.