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  1. Shiver



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    I cant believe there is only nine reviews for this book as it is amazing! So wonderfully written and filled with heartache and love. If you are a Twi-fan then you would most likely love this book. A beautiful story and a must read for anyone looking for a book filled with romance, wolves and a little sorrow. :)

  2.  Amazing!!


    New moon is fantastic and is so much better than Twilight (though I do love Twilight) the effects are amazing and the acting has improved a great deal.
    The only downside is that I missed seeing the Cullen family in this one and though that cant be helped as thats the way the book was written.
    The Twi-saga is like marmite..you either love it or hate it. And I love it...for the Vampires and the romance and the good-looking guys. ;) New Moon is a great movie and well worth buying. Bring on Eclipse in June!!!

  3.  Beautiful!


    A amazing and beautiful book and a must have for any Twi-fan. The pictures are fantastic and it was wonderful getting a idea what Stephenie Meyer's saw in her head while writing Twilight.
    But like some of the other reviewers I also wish there was a little more colour in some of the pictures.
    This is a collectable for the future and a book that I could read again and again (just like all the other books from the saga) All I need now is Vol 2 ...So hurry please :D

  4.  Amazing and so funny!!


    Brought this for my little sisters 17th birthday and it is great!
    The voice over guy on the game is actually Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli) and that makes the game even better. The dvd clips and questions are brillant and even though I thought I knew everything about Twilight I was taken by surprise on some of the answers.
    The game is fun and some good laughs were had while playing it, so I would recommend it to every Twi-fan out there :) And at 17.99 its a bargain! Now hurry up with the New Moon one please .x.

  5.  BRILLANT!! but last in the saga!NOOOOO


    Another WARNING from me saying that you may (ok you will 100%) experience some jealousy while reading this book and thats for sure lol, But back to the book. PLEASE PLEASE ignore the other reviews saying how bad Breaking Dawn is as its not at all!! Its a really great book and a brillant end to the twilight saga from bella's pov.
    !!please be published MIDNIGHT SUN!!!
    The book is broke up into 3 sep books (its sounds off putting but its really well done) the 1st is bella's story the 2nd is Jacob's (boo jacob,nah he's really not that bad is this book and that takes alot for me to say) and the 3rd is back to bella again. Really really lovely book and it made me cry towards the end. :) If you have the other 3 you have to buy this one. And then please prepare yourself to be transformed into a Twilight saga-Edward -Cullen family loving fan!
    *I can comfirm that transformation to being a fan is painless*

  6.  BUY BUY NOW!!


    WARNING!! there may be a small chance that you will cry while reading this one. Without giving too much away I have to say its a fantastic book, but it has some heart breaking moments in it.
    New moon is really great and you get to know and like Jacob (which after eclipse the next/3rd book you most likely wont again so enjoy the feeling) But buy the whole Twilight saga you wont be disapointed!

  7.  BUY now to avoid upset!!


    Fantastic Book!!!
    But after reading you may be a little (ok alot) depressed that Edward is not real :(
    But if you can escape the lure of Edward than read away and have fun as the book is brillant and so are the other 3!! Im reading this one again 5th time around but thats how great the twilight saga is. You have been WARNED!!!! enjoy.x.



    Another GREAT book!! Really loved this one just like the others. BUT Bella is so annoying is this book, And I do WARN you (Edward fans mostly) that while reading this book you will feel the need to enter the book and give Bella a good spack around the face.lol. and you will also feel the need to LA PUSH Jacob right over the nearest hill.
    But Joking aside,The book (if it survives being ripped apart in anger by you) is brillant and well worth reading, the whole saga is also fantastic, but this is the one that you should read alone to protect others from you violent outbursts.....



    This Globe is great really massive and very heavy it plays lovely music ( coming to hogwarts) and the little train travels around the globe as well.A fantanstic gift for yourself or for a harry potter fan its a bargain for £29.99 as its good for furture investment.
    My only moan is that inside the globe is colourful glitter and i wish they put white glitter or flakes inside so it looks like hogwarts in winter but other than that its is a great buy!