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  1.  Amazing!


    Normally i don't like the headphones like this, they feel too intrusive in my ear and keep falling out.

    Not these, they fit perfectly on the standard rubber thing, there is 2 other sizes included too.

    Sound is great, sounds a bit tinny if you don't have them in properly, but get them just right in your ear and they're SOOO GOOOD. Also, if you can get them in this sweet spot, almost all background goes, completely. It doesn't even need to be up loud, and all you can hear is the music.

    Love 'em.

  2.  Give it time


    I've always been into LP, ever since Hybrid Theory, however when i stuck this in my PC and gave it a listen, i thought to myself, What the hell Is this?! After my first play all the way through, i wasn't pleased and felt ashamed LP had abandoned their old sound for this new, crappy album. However, after listening to the album 2/3 more times, it really grows on you and shows how their music has matured. First listen: 2 stars, after a few more listens, defiantly a 5 star album.

  3.  Great price, Great card!


    Wow, i bought my 2GB memory card 4 months ago and it cost me £50, now exactly the same card at a fraction of the price! Very fast transfer speed, nice blue colour so it's not easily lost, fits most sony products including the walkman phones, PSPs and some cameras.

  4.  WoW, what more can be said?


    Having never really stuck with a game past the single player campaign a few times, i went on a MMORPG-Spree. Over a period of a few years i've tried everything from Runescape, to Maplestory, to Knight Online, to World of Warcraft, but that's where it stops. Currently having a leveled a few characters to The Burning Crusade end-game of level 70.
    There is always someone online for you to go and quest
    with, or just hang out in a main city talking to strangers.
    For only £1 more than the monthly subscription and including a free month, the game is well worth buying, even if you don't continue playing.

  5.  Does exactly what it says on the... packet


    Great little card for when your webcam, ipod, phone, mouse, keyboard and other random accessories all need a USB port and you just don't have enough. Easy to install, delivers full USB 2.0 speed and really can't fault it.

  6.  No more tripping over those pesky wires


    I love this controller. At first, i wanted to go back to the standard dual shock controller, however after an hour or so playing it just felt so comfortable. The range on the controller is great and can go halfway across my house, through 3 walls and still remain connected, even if i couldn't see the TV. The controller feels well made, and have dropped it a few times without any faults and for a tenner, does it really matter if you break one?

  7.  Great card for the price


    What can i say, hmm.
    Installed the card with no troubles after an overdue upgrade from a GeForce Mx 440. I built the system it is currently sitting in to be a very quite machine, and this card really helps only having the good-sized heat sink sitting ontop it. This card can handle games such as CS:S and BF2, however they will become very CPU intensive and you won't be able to have anything like AA or AF without sacrificing alot of FPS. For the money, the card is amazing and if your on a very tight budget this IS the card for you however if you want to play all the latest titles you'll surly need something with a bit more beef.