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  1.  The Swan Kingdom


    The Swan Kingdom is an enchanting read. The writing is beautiful and adds to the magical world in which the story is set. I love a good retelling and The Swan Kingdom is definitely one. Throughly enjoyed and look forward to reading more of Marriott's work.

  2.  Perfect love story.


    Echo was popular at school, in a relationship, surrounded by friends. And then, she wasn't. One night turned her life upside down. She became the loner, the freak. She hit the bottom of the social ladder, broke up with her boyfriend, lost most of her friends. And she has no idea what happened to her. Her mind repressed her memories. It
    gives them back slowly, during therapy or an event triggering a memory. Only in short flashes does Echo gain back her memory, with constant risk of having a breakdown.

    Noah is the bad boy, known for breaking the rules and one-night stands. He's lost just about everything, too, and when things got hard he gave in. That is, until he met Echo.

    The way they both gained strength from one another was beautiful and touching. The switching POV was ideal, giving an insight on both their lives and distinguishing their individual personalities at the same time as showing how similar they are to each other.

    It couldn't have been more perfect, I completely adored it.

    PUSHING THE LIMITS is a faultless love story and an incredible debut.

  3.  Promising debut.


    Jarra is Handicapped, an Ape, an Earth Girl.

    She was born with an immune system that means she cannot leave Earth and portal to other planets like most can. She doesn't just sit back and take it, though. She invents a new life for herself, a fresh start. Joining a university where no one knows her, she pretends that she is the daughter of a Military family and expertly hides her true identity. She's tangled in a web of lies, and as they become more and more complicated, she has difficulty keeping her secret and a hard time telling the difference between fantasy and reality.

    When I first read the description of this book, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! It's such a fantastic and refreshing idea and I couldn't stop thinking about it.

    The writing is witty and fun, and Jarra tells the story like we are 'norms' from one of the other planets reading her story, or watching it play out. The quirky style reminded me of Scott Westerfeld's 'Uglies' series, so if you liked the Uglies, I'd certainly recommend Earth Girl.

    Jarra is a strong female lead, and so loveable! She is single-mined, and determined to make her own choices in life. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and consider it highly original and incredibly interesting. Will most definitely look out for Janet Edwards in the future - promising debut.

  4.  Absolutely brilliant!


    I am so impressed by The Glimpse!
    This terrifying story is in no way predictable. The chilling mystery kept me guessing throughout. The story is so original and written so beautifully. The Glimpse is a thrilling read and never failed to suprise me.

  5. Struck



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     Highly recommeded!


    Brilliant! Fast-paced, action-packed and impossible to put down! Loved it! Highly recommended!

  6.  Amazing


    100% recommended. It was brilliant - thoroughly enjoyed it. Five stars.

  7.  Again, wow.


    The incredible story continues with Catching Fire and I had no idea what to expect, which is what I love the most from these books - they're unpredictable. I was so sure I knew what was going to happen in the first book and I was just blown away!

    These are a book that appeal to many audiences, teens, young adults, parents and I can only predict that the film is going to be a massive blockbuster.

  8.  Amazing


    Recieved this box set for Christmas. Very nicely presented and the books are absolutely incredible! I raced through them, they are so captivating.

  9.  WOW!


    This is by far one of the best books I have ever read. Ever. It's incredible, it was so tense throughout that I just couldn't stop reading! This is probably the fastest I've ever read a book and as soon as I finished I got out book 2. Absolutely amazing, I can't contain my excitment for the film!

  10.  All wrong


    I tried so hard to like this book, I read Volumes 1-4 and loved them and wanted more so I bought The Return Trilogy and i'm so disapointted. Not only is it difficult to follow - I found myself re-reading paragraphs trying to establish what's going on - it's really different to the first 4 books, characters seem different and I didn't feel as close to them as in the previous stories, and Stefan keeps addressing Elena as 'Lovely love' and 'Lovely little love' which I just couldn't handle!
    It's just all wrong.