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  1.  Utter garbage


    At last a true rival to Rubber for the title of worst film ever. 2* because it does serve as a good present to your DVD film loving mates :-)

  2.  Can't see what the fuss is about


    Never played any Mass Effect game myself, so bought this pre-owned with the intention of going through this and ME2 in anticipation of ME3 next year. I read (and trusted) the reviews of the majority.

    My verdict? Pretty pants tbh. The graphics are pretty good considering it's 4 years old now, but the gameplay is far from what I'd hoped for. I wanted freedom, of which there's very little. It feels like an expansive and immersive free-roam environment after an hour or so, but 3 or 4 hours later you realise it's as scripted as your favorite FPS. Oblivion/Fallout it ain't, by a long shot.

    Other frustrations? How about realising the character you created is terrible 10 hours in? More and more quests get left open because they're infested with seemingly invulnerable troopers with Energizer Bunny shields. How about having to spoonfeed your squadmates because they can't tie their own shoe laces. There's more.

    Massivly dissappointing, and I won't be buying 2 or 3 :-(

  3.  Still longing for the good old days!


    What ever happened to the traditional NFS format? There are other titles that provide more fun, more realistic and more customisable racer experiences; NFS was never meant to compete with those titles. I still long for more NFS along the same lines as Undercover and Carbon.

    3 stars is mainly for the arcady pick-up-n-play racing style on offer rather than the format of the game, which is repetitive and lacks any real storyline.

    This is basically the same kind of game as NFS Prostreet, but with cars you can actually drive :-)

  4.  Original and still the best?


    I purchased this bundle for the gf for Christmas. I'm a long time Xbox/PS3 gamer and never had time for the Wii. Having tried both the Kinect and Move systems, I still think the Wii cuts the best compromise between user-interaction and something you'll want to play regularly. Kinect is too much like hard work - I want to sit in my recliner when I play!

    This pack doesn't offer anything not already available of course but for a first time Wii'er it comes with everything you need, in lovely black to match your PS3 ;-) Even the balance board looks good in black.

    The price is pretty good considering you get the official balance board although it was much better on pre-order a few weeks ago at 174.99!