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  1.  Too Big!!


    The price, delivery and quality of this item is OK, the only problem is the size.
    The strap comes with an adjustable velcro strap which, even at its tightest, is far too loose for my arm.
    (admittedly, I do have quite skinny arms for a man, but even so, it should still fit!).
    My arms are 28cm circumference, I wouldn't recommend for anyone with arms under 30cm.

  2.  More of the same.


    If you're a fan of Eels then you'll like this. There's nothing new here, it all sounds reassuringly familiar, with a good mix on raucous rock and weepy ballads, all delivered in E's distinctive gruff voice.

  3.  Brilliant


    This is truly wonderful.
    Stark, warm, melancholic and uplifting all at the same time.
    Welch's vocals are a delight.. Buy it and you'll love it.

  4. Lonerism


    Tame Impala - CD

    11 New from  £6.46  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £11.34

     Spaced Out Freak Out!


    This is a great album, experimental, individual, full of great tunes, superb.
    It's the sort of album that you can listen to 100 times and hear something new each time.
    I find myself listening to it, and wishing it could end just so I can go back to the start and listen again!!

  5.  Funky and strange


    This is funky, odd, simple and accessible CD. Like a more tuneful and danceable Sufjan Stevens.. I like it a lot!!

  6.  Snug


    I have plenty of pairs of jeans which are all 31 or 32 inch waist. Having lost a bit of weight these jeans are quite baggy on me now. Having read a review which advised me against getting the 'next size up' I opted for a 30 - they are ridiculously snug, and I stand no chance of doing them up, I doubt even a 32 would fit!
    That said, they are nice looking jeans, so 3 stars from me.

  7.  Not the Same as the picture!!


    The product image shows a wooden sphere, but when the product arrived it was a star. I should have guessed from the product title which simply states 'Wooden Puzzles'
    Also it's a lot smaller than I had imagined, this stocking filler ain't gonna fill much of the stocking!!

  8.  This is Pretty Good!


    This is my first taste of Race Horses and I have to say that I'm impressed and I'll be looking out for future releases.
    Their style is edgy yet accessible, upbeat yet dark and there are so many influences in there to keep the listener interested.
    You'll be sure that you've heard some of these songs before.

  9.  A Grower!


    On first listen, it's quite easy for this album to pass you by, but persist with it and give it a few more listens and you'll start to discover the hidden gems.
    The opening track 'Valparaiso' for example is stunning, with its haunting, whispy vocals, or 'Play' which could easily be mistaken for Camera Obscura.
    I have no other experience of Correatown and so have no benchmark to judge this against, but it's certainly worth a punt.

  10.  It's good, but not spectacular.


    I don't know much about Benjamin Gibbard, other than he is/was in Death Cab for Cutie and that he was also involved the in the excellent 'Dark Was The Night' charity album.
    On the strength of his contribution to that album (Train Song, recorded with Feist), I bought this album.
    This album opens brightly enough with a vocal only starter.. It continues with several well crafted songs, bringing mid-tempo Teenage Fanclub ('Teardrop Window') and John Lennon balladry ('Duncan, Where Have You Gone?') to mind.
    When all is said and done, it's a good album, but not spectacular.