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  1. Hugo



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     Disappointing ending


    I found this film a bit strange. It was very intriguing throughout the story but I felt you were going to find out this great mystery at the end, when in fact the ending was a bit flat. I left the cinema thinking "is that it ?" Quite surprised at the other positive reviews. I guess I just didn't get it. My kids were the same. It's quite a long film too.

  2.  One of my Favourite movies


    Watched this movie lots of times and I love it!!!! The lead man is gorgeous, it has a great storyline and a great soundtrack.

  3.  A likeable film


    The American equivalent of Love Actually, but not quite as good in my opinion. I would recommend to watch it, but not expect too much.

  4.  Nice Film


    I enjoyed this film, though far fetched in places, it was very sweet. Would not have described it as a romcom though more of a romantic drama. It is not the best film I have ever seen, but it was worth watching.

  5.  Found it boring


    I am not overly critical and like simple films, but I found this incredibly boring & a bit silly. I did not think there was any chemisty between the characters who were supposedly falling for eachother. It's predictability didn't bother me, as all romcoms are a bit that way and I love lots of them, "How to lose a guy in 10 days", The Wedding Planner", I love some of the most predictable ones of the lot, but this just lacked something. I loved Amy Adams in "Enchanted", one of my favourite films, be it though a kids film, which prompted me to buy this, but I was left very disappointed.

  6.  One of my favourite movies of all time!


    This film is brilliant, Im guessing older children and aduls would like it best, especially females, as it is very romantic. I would buy it even if I didnt have kids.

  7.  A bit upsetting for youner children in my opinion


    Lovely film, though a bit strange, until near the end (don't want to give the storyline away) when there is a bit of a shock. Came away wishing I hadnt bothered to watch it, it upset my daughter greatly, even though the ending is not sad. Never, watched it since. Probably the only DVD in our collection that none of us have rewatched.



    After reading the reviews, I nearly didn't buy this. So glad I did. Best chick flick I've seen in a long while. I would agree with other review that it has a "love actually" feel to it and would totally recommend it!