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  1.  Ha - it's so bad it's brilliant


    Chuck enough money at it and it'll be ok. All the expensive backdrop and finery can't hide just how bad this is. They haven't a clue where this is going. it's another American 'spin-it-out as long as we can'. They introduce new characters at the drop of a hat, just to get rid of them and keep things going. Again, it coud have been good if they knew when to end it. Garbage.

  2.  Absolute tish


    I watched this all the way through. Now I can't get back the time they stole from me. As is usual with American shows, they start off brilliant and then they think 'hey this is doing well - let's not end it as it should be ended, but get ready to spin it out to another season'. This could have been fantastic if they completed the story as it should have been finished, instead of screwing another season - possibly more out of it.

  3.  Probably the best TV series ever


    Absolute cassics. Both series one and two were just fantastic.

  4.  Very thin fabric


    Arrived this morning. You can see through the fabric even without holding it to the light. Still, at less than a fiver and free postage, what would you expect? Goes to show the power of Marketing, let's face it I'd probably scream blue murder if it didn't have a logo on it. I will just have to wait until summer before I can wear it. Or wear it on holiday in warmer climes............

  5.  Masterpiece


    Simply the best film ever. It's no Citizen Caine - it's much better. There's everything here, action, baddies, bombs, blowing stuff up. FANTASTIC STUFF!!

  6.  Genius


    I don't know here Nick Park gets his ideas from. This is a thoroughly enjoyable shout out loud book. Brilliant.

  7.  absolutely brilliant


    One of the funniest books I have ever read. Neil (aged 46). Sometimes I let my 3 year old read it too.

  8.  Over-hyped


    Starts off at break-kneck pace and really pulls you in for hours. Then it goes right off the rails at about 8pm. His wife looses her memory and the whole thing looses the plot. Rapidly downhill from here and Dennis Hopper goes totally over the top as a lowsy villain................pants.