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  1.  Dated graphics


    Rather dated graphics for PC and to be honest I simply could not get into the game play. Bit of a disappointment.

  2.  Wobbly hand held camera!


    Was a little doubtful with this film as soon as it started. Its been filmed right the way through using the somewhat wobbly hand held camera technique. this is really annoying and to be honest you have the impression that the camera man is deliberately shaking the camera to give "atmosphere" to the movie, its irritating and at times extremely annoying. I can film more steadily my self using my cheep digital camera in movie mode!
    The story itself though is absorbing and once you get through the first 20 minutes is a nail biting roller coaster, you will quickly begin to identify with the all well drawn characters in this movie.
    For the bargain price a definite recommend, despite the "wobbly" camera technique of filming.

  3.  A real let down


    This is a fantastic film, gritty, down to earth and superbly acted through out. Steve McQueen is outstanding as is Robert Vougn. the hospital sequences are filmed with real doctors and nurses. Even today, the car chase with the classic Ford Mustang fastback against the Dodge Charger blow into the weeds car chases today that rely to so much on CGI. Turn up the volume on your surround sound and revel in it.
    Sadly the whole blue-ray experience is let down with truly awful picture quality, to put this into perspective, I have Forbidden Planet on blue-ray, which was filmed in 1956 and the remastered picture quality is stunning, almost up to modern standards.
    If you have this on DVD, don't bother with blue-ray, its a bitter disappointment.
    Story 10/10
    Acting 10/10
    Car chases 10/10 The best ever.
    Sound 7/10 Guns sound like pop guns, but the cars sound great!
    Picture 5/10 grainy with no effort at all to improve the image.

  4.  A brilliant family film


    Sit down with the kids or even on your own to watch this heart warming fantasy film, Robert Denero is great in this movie, a light and entertaining plot will keep you and the family glued to the screen.
    Picture is bright and vibrant on blue-ray with superb audio.
    Highly recommended, its not often that a good fantasy film comes out and this one is a must have!

  5.  Brilliant!


    This is well worth watching, a cult classic. I have not watched this on blue-ray so can not vouch for the picture quality.

  6. 2012



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    Sorry, but this one is utter rubbish and a huge disappointment when I saw it at the cinema. Poor plot and why is it that every time an aeroplane appears in the film everything goes disastrously wrong. Only point of interest was the Russian AN225 Antonov aircraft, the largest aircraft ever built.
    Just don't bother with this one.

  7.  Dont listen to the critics!


    This film is a great movie to watch with the wife and kids. the story can be a bit, hmmm, well "Disney" but its still very entertaining and well worth the price.

  8.  Exstrodinary!


    This is a must see for any war film fan. I think this is best viewed in its original German language with sub titles for the best atmosphere. warning though, get a good supply of munchies and beer in, its a very long film.
    You will not be disappointed with this one!

  9.  Over complex controles


    This has been a much anticipated game, and once I got it slapped it onto the PC.
    Graphics I will give 9/10, despite running an over clocked old duel core CPU the radion 6970 seems to handle this with aplomb even with all game settings maxed out.

    Sadly this game does let you down with the annoying quick time cut scenes that are almost impossible to do without two pairs of hands and stupidly fast reflexes.
    I just wonder how many people have got stuck on the PC version of this game and simply given up. Apparently it is a lot easier to play with an Xbox controller, but even then its still annoying and spoils what should have been an otherwise superb game. As a result of this I give game play 7/10

  10.  Truly Awful


    I played the original Duke back way then and loved it, but this is rubbish. This may be OK for the console guys but for top end PC,s the graphics are amongst the worst I have come across in a very long time, horribly dated. Game play is dull uninspiring with rubbish AI. Sorry. I gona have to give this one the lowest score of just one star. A bitter disappointment. If you want a retro type FSP look out for the new Serious Sam 3 coming out soon.