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  1.  Well made movie..... but a Blu Ray with no "extras" !!!


    I liked Scream 4 and most of why I liked Scream 4 is pretty well covered already by others, but I thought it was well made, well acted and kept you guessing right up until the end.......and oh of course has lots of pretty girls meeting their grim fates!

    As for the Blu Ray, well picture quality whilst fine doesn't exactly "Scream" (No pun intended) "I'm a HD Blu Ray movie!".
    I am not sure if it is to down to the lighting or how they filmed the movie, but when I pop my Blu Ray copy of Saw V1 it looks like a high definition picture......when I put in Scream 4 it's not so obvious.

    And then there are the extras.......well there are NONE!
    There is a trailer of the movie but since when is that an "extra"!
    It's doubling disappointing as one of the original "selling points" of the Blu Ray format was that it had much more capacity on the disc than on DVD for "special features"........it's really ironic that plenty of DVDs that I have in my collection are chocked full of extras......but my latest disc purchase on extra capacity Blu Ray has nothing.....NADA!.......I certainly didn't see THAT coming!
    What a Blu Ray Let down!