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  1.  into the future for kinect


    I must start by saying that i petty anyone on here who has not had anything good to say about kinect, ok it may sound like wil or move but to be completely honest its nothing like it and puts ground breaking technology into your xbox.
    i did not believe my partner would ever play any games but its hard to get her off it and as for fun 'kinect sports' and even adventures are just fab.
    i can't wait to buy some more games and get the family around again so we can repeat the last nights we've just had.
    if you have a xbox and are thinking about kinect then stop thinking now and go and get it trust me we have 'wil' and 'PS3 Move' and there's nothing to take this on, it knows you, your face, your bones and and your voice. what more could you want from it.
    well done MS and Kinect

  2.  Brilliant!


    I got my shinny black new Xbox 360 today and after about ten minutes it was up and running taking the place of my old white one,
    and i have to say well done MS you have got my support and thanks for listerning to what the buyers want, ok it may have took five years to get there but you have got there now and its great.
    i,m sorry but i just don't have the time for silly people who have nothing better to do with there time then to slag this off, its clear to me that you have brought the wrong console and should be owning a PS3 or maybe a wil,
    but we have all three consoles in our house and this is still the best one to own, it has top graphics and game's coupled with the best online blast you can imagine and now a cool new look what more could you ask for.
    on a slightly down note i.am a bit shocked to find that there is only a standard video cable in the box and no HDMI one which i know you can buy cheap but is not really the point, maybe MS will changed there minds when the deals start coming out.
    I was a bit worried about my saved data on the old xbox but thankfully MS have thought about that already and i don't mean a HD transfer kit, i used my 16gb USB key to move all profiles and game data across to the key and then back onto my new Xbox it was that easy,
    So if your new to the games console seen or just thinking about changing to xbox then it will be the best choice you can make and with whats coming this year it looks like things are going to get even better top stuff!!

  3.  The Lovely Bones


    What a film really powerful story great acting and sad in places,
    there's no reason why anyone should slag this off i think people just don't give films a chance because this is superb in every way,
    a must have or see film.

  4.  Not bad!!!


    I downloaded the demo of this game today not expecting much, but hay! its not bad really, the controls are friendly and the game plays at a fast pace, its not much of a demo very short but if you like car racing games then have a look,
    as for the graphics also not bad nice detailed cars and track with some good fx when you skid off the track,
    if i could changed sometime about this i would like to see track and car damage, i can't help thinking its strange that this company has put time and effort into making this game and you can't damage the cars, i hope this is just for the demo version because its only 270mb and the full game will feature this,
    anyway for £29.99 it looks good,
    give it a go its free to try.

  5.  Battlestations Pacific Demo


    just played the demo from Xbox live and it looks stunning although it was a bit limited and short i got a idea what was to come on the 15th and man it going to be good, stunning graphics and controls is ten times better, although there is a couple of frame drips here and there it can be expected when the graphics are so good as this,
    if you have not downloaded the demo yet then i would recommend you do and leave your review and support for what i think is going to be one of the best games on any system this year,

  6.  Samsung BD-P1600


    I was looking to buy a Blu-Ray after the last one i had gave me lots of problems, I was going to buy the Panasonic DMP-BD35 because of What hi-fi review but something draw me to this instead, although what hi-fi only give it 4 stars the shop told me that this was a better player and £40 cheaper as well, so i brought it and i have to say what a player, very fast at playing BD discs and clean clear picture and sound, this has to be the fastest Blu-ray player so far, if you are looking for a player and can't be arsed with wait around times of the Panasonic DMP-BD35 then look no further then this, i have been into home cinema for years now and never made a bad choice so far,
    go for it you wont be disappointed

  7.  Labtec Pulse 285


    I brought these speakers to buff-up the sound in my dad's new Samsung TV when his is using XBOX, thats because the TV had crap sound,
    and to be honest i did not expect much for £10 but when we plugged them in to the TV headphone jack socket and a changed some of the TV sound settings we were quite amazed by the sound and very pleased for the money,
    I would easy recommend these to any one because they are such good value for money, and to answer one of the questions on here about USB, these speakers connect using the 3.5 jack plug as standard.

  8.  be scared, be very scared?


    Wow! This demo is jumpy to say the least, i love the way the graphics and sound create the real feeling of being scared (well it did for me).
    I played and completed the first two F.E.A.R games and now i can't wait for this to come out.
    if you are not a great fan of FPS like my son then I still recomend
    downloading the demo because he really liked it and could not stop playing the demo,
    right! I,m going to go now "whats that the lights have gone out, i can see ghostly figures in the distance, doors are slamming behind me arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

  9.  Sony Ericsson C902 silcone case


    I brought the white version of this case for my C902,
    and i must admit it looks ugly and makes the phone hard to use,
    i can't see the number and letters on the keys its a total waste of money
    don't buy it you have been warned

  10.  COD 4 watch your back!


    I liked COD4 but it lacked certain things, this is were Battlefield take over, the graphics are brilliant so is the amazing sound, its fun action packed and total addictive to play i simply love it to bits, if you have played COD4 and are looking for more then this is for you,
    great game!