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  1.  It's good but it's not right


    Just saying what I see! A good idea with great use of imagination. Pacing towards the end lets it down, not laugh out loud funny, not particularly moving either! Just a good idea, that's all it is I'm afraid. Sticks in the middle for most of the film. Patrick Fugit's (Almost Famous) performance was strong though, and it's a wonder why he hasn't been in anything else recently, but then, he's not Shia La BingBong!
    Suicide can be funny...but so what? The world probably could've done without this film but from a saving grace of an odd black hole, and some strange, (dead) funny characters. Worth a watch, but not a buy! Needed a tighter script, a more solid ending, it was a bit of a cop out, you'll know why when you see it!

  2.  I just can't stop listening to it!


    There best since Kid A.
    The most addictive listen since O.K. Computer.
    Simply the best British Band of all time!
    I cannot stop listening to this album, it's so beautiful, the music is fantastic. All I Need is the standout track for me, I look forward to it everytime. The others are great too. The most fearless band are back to their vintage best, their artistic values are always there, and Yorke has never sounded better. Bring out the Mercury, Ivor Novellos et all. This willl probably be the album of 2008!!

  3.  Hmmm!


    What can I say about Untraceable, not a lot I'm afraid. This film doesn't even move out of 1st gear the whole time. It was a very odd film, set up like a SAW for the YouTube generation, this doen'st deliver any shocks, chills or any cheap thrills. It opens in a similar way to a couple of Tony Scott film's a la Enemy Of The State or Dejavu, where we see what kind of technical power these FBI agents have online (Diane Lane and Colin Hanks). They shut people's websites down, some guy gets his house raided, all very impressive.
    They then come across some guy who will kill a cat live online. The more people that go online to his website, the quicker the cat dies, the killer then starts using people instead.
    Sick and twisted? Yes, shocking, not really. This film says all it needs to say in the first 30 mins about voyeurism and after that there's no substance left for you to even hate the film. It's very stale, it doesn't twist and turn, there are no cheesy jumpy bits, there is no ridiculous twist, the killer is revealed very early on and the film is sewn up with such ease, it leaves the viewer feeling they have had water for dinner!

    The acting isn't anything to write home about, although it's not like they have been given anything to work with. It felt I was watching a TV movie.

    I do not recommend this film at all, stick with Saw, even though that's a ruined franchise, you'll still have somehitng to be excited about or react to.

  4.  Bad Robot?...Bad Movie...Yeah I Said It!


    I am truly amazed by all the 5 star ratings so far, for this film. I respect people's opinions, but this I just don't understand! Cloverfield is a poor film, and a waste of a good opportunity to make a good monster movie. First things first good people below who liked this...J.J. Abrahms did not direct this film, he was an Exec Producer. This film has been sold on two things; 1. Abrahms name, as his popularity has risen from the success of Alias and Lost (The series where the makers dangle a carrot in front of you), and 2. A superb marketing campaign and that's not sarcasm. Cloverfield's marketing campaign is the bigger reason crowds are flocking to see this film. And they deserve credit for playing the guessing game with plot, and then eventually; what the monster will look like. I hold my hands up, great work...But and it's a 'but' the size of the monster...they were bluffing.
    Cloverfield is very disappointing. During the marketing they stated that it would be shot from a person's perspective via a camcorder but some scenes would be actually set up and shot properly to alleviate any motion sickness. Well they lied, I felt a ill after watching this film, the dodgy shakey-hand-man camera work was one of the factors that absolutely ruined this movie, the other factors were **** poor acting and badly written script. It was hard to care about these people who seemed to be running away for so long from the monster to always manage to find themselves in front of it!
    It could have been a very good monster movie had they shot it properly, the monster did look very good and the little vamp type creatures falling off it to come and eat people were creepy (They reminded me of the things from Pitch Black though).
    It also said a lot about America; when passers by see the head of the Statue of Liberty roll down Manhattan, they stood by it, took pictures on their phones and filmed it, is this not the reason we have footage of The Twin Towers being attacked? None of the characters are likeable nor did I care about their well being, let's hope now that the writers strike is over, some quality will come through.

  5.  One Star Is Generous...


    As someone who spent a number of days working on this film, I could tell from the off that it was not going to be a screen classic. Vinny Jones can not act for toffee. Even if he liked toffee, he would not be able to perform and sustain a character long enough to earn a piece. Pat Morita personally told me that he thought the script was bull**** and had no idea what he was doing being in it.

    This film plays out like a Jim Davidson pantomime. It's probably got some of the same jokes too, they have definitely stolen they same performance style. Mister Jones obviously thought he was onto a good thing as he was "headlining" the film, unfortunately Vinny, there's more talent a dry roasted peanut. The plot is laughable, the acting is non-existent, the "action" could be seen in an episode of Buffy and the Director will be lucky to work again.

    What a shame Pat Morita (Mr Miyagi to us 80's kids) died shortly after making this filth, a wonderful man with more talent in his beard. Vinny should give up this acting lark, and find a job he's actually good at for once in his life.

    Don't waste your time or money...or your life, it's another misogynistic film with girls (Not so much pretty) not wearing much with men trying to act hard.
    Definately one to miss!

  6.  Ideal For The Bedroom Or Any Room In Fact!


    We love this in our house, I always like to have a race with the Sex timer and I always finish first!
    It's brilliant, so glad my Mum got this for me!
    And seeing as how 'Squirrel' is in my nickname, this really helps me hide my nuts!

    Get one today, go on, have a race!

  7.  Mouth Like an Ashtray/Voice of An Angel


    No it's not Charlotte Church!

    Amy Winehouse, one the best voices ever to come out of our country. She's filthy but captivating and takes us back with 50's/60's style of tunes with contemporary narratives!

    Buy it, it's good for the soul!

  8.  Here's What You Could've Won...


    Well I've given it 3* and that's being kind. It's really worth about 2 and Half * but I'm in a generous mood!

    Disturbia sets up an interesting dynamic in our star's character being under house arrest (Shia La Bing Bong) and entertaining himself by perving on new girl next door (An actress who'll you'll never see again) and possible serial killer (David Morse). I thought there would be tension and a good build up, but it was very slow paced and it took about an hour for something exciting to happen (Garage door closes). What we ended up with was a run of the mill "thriller", which again is being kind. There was nothing 'Disturb'ing about this film nor was I interested in the romantic sub-plot.
    David Morse is great actor (See The Green Mile, The Crossing Guard, Dancer In The Dark), but he didn't chill me like I know he could if he wanted to! The tension was over after the first 5 minutes when something rather tragic happens, but then it became a film aimed for the PG-13 audience, it was too fluffy and not dark enough.
    You'd probably like it if you enjoy films like Scream, I know what you did last...., Urban Legends, but even they're more tense.
    Director DJ Caruso really does little here, it coud've been made for TV as it was barely cinematic. His previous efforts haven't really blown the lid of anything either (Two For The Money), however Taking Lives is worth a watch as the story's structure is similar although definately more 'Disturbing'
    I know it's entertainment, but unfortunately, this did not offer anything I'd seen before. Worth a rent but not a buy!

  9.  Good God, What Have They Done?!!


    About 10 years ago, a groundbreaking film emerged called The Matrix. Sci-Fi film with good ideas, interesting storyline, very good action and of course a milestone set in film-making with Bullet Time. Everyone who loved The Matrix awaited the film's sequels in hope that there'd be a new Holy Trilogy on the horizon.

    So what did they do? They threw money at 2 films, forgot about plot, added some sex, and got too really poor sequels made.

    Pirates, I'm disappointed to say, has taken the same road. Curse of The Black Pearl was something different, and what a refreshing performance from the best actor around Johnny Depp. It was a fun film, very enjoyable and took us by surprise.

    They have now ruined whatever legacy there could've been with 2 very bad sequels. At Worlds End is very bad, I even stopped laughing at Jack Sparrow, they seemed to be making everything up as they went along. It wasn't as funny, or action packed as the first. The non-existing, hard to follow plot was awful. You didn't know who was on who's side, what was going on, what was supposed to be achieved and I'd love to know if the actor's did.

    Very disappointing, very sad state of affairs...welcome to Hollywood. Pants.

  10. O


    Damien Rice - CD

    14 New from  £5.06  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.30

     Sweet & Sour Rice


    A really amazing album, Damian sings with such soul that you know he's felt every emotion through every note! What's just as impressive is the backing singer he uses, she is incredible, especially on Volcano.

    If you like easy listening a la folky & Irish, this is perfect!