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  1.  good novelty gift


    i bought these because i was going to an olymic themed party (i had to go as great britain) and they are really good because the elastic is really strong in them so if you have a big head or a little head ,they will fit you ,everyone thought they looked really cool and i got some good photos out of this product,i havent worn them since but oh well ,they dont cost too much

  2.  Everyone loves retro


    if you are 5 years old or 50 years old you are going to love this alarm clock ,it is extremely easy to use it has two buttons to change the time and two buttons to change the alarm time,evrything is labeled ,and i didnt even need to read the instructions to work it out,it has a backlight so you can see the time at night ,but you have to press a button to turn it on ,it has everything an alarm clock needs ,time,alarm,snooze and an amazing alarm noise,the sound pacman makes when you first start the game ,and then it keeps going WAKA until you shut it up,the only negative i can say is that it wakes everyone up in the whole house because of how loud it is ,but who doesnt want to be woken up by the sound of pacman ,an amazing present for a pacman fan or a non pacman fan.

  3.  visually stunning....the girls and the film that is


    i watched this film at the cinemas and could not stop thinking about it when i left,as soon as suckerpunch was released on dvd i got it,its a very dark film but an extremely good visual film,you keep swapping from reality to imagination,i got the dvd version of this film and thought it was still amazing but i keep thinking i should have got the blu-ray version because as im about to say again the CGI visuals are out of this world and im wondering how good they would look if they were on blu-ray,you should definetly buy this film,its up to you what version you get ,it will still be totally worth it.

  4.  good...from my view


    i am a massive fan of Karl i have been following him since XFM ,and up to an idiot abroad,i got this book from play.com,because of how amazingly cheap it was ,also play.com is mostly free shipping so its a win win situation ,i got this book very quickly in the post,when i started reading it though ,i had alot of dajavou,its because they have taken conversations from "the ricky gervais show" series (the animated one) and me being a big fanboy,i have watched them many times,all im going to say is ,if your a fan of Karls and you enjoy what he says ,get it,if your a massive fan and have followed him for a long time ,dont get it,because you would have heard it all before,if your completely new to Karl pilkington ,you should DEFINETLY buy it,you will be in stitches in seconds,the book is in sought of a script format,by that i mean it says something like..."KARL:........ ,RICKY:........ STEVE:.......,one last thing head like an orange