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  1.  Memories of past years.


    This is as I remembered from all those years back except it is the cut version they have lost 2 plus mins of the film to me the lost mins are the making of the film as it puts all into perspective of how the US army treated the indigenous population Native Indians. I suppose it is because the US does not want things like that to be remembered, this is normal for them but to me the film is spoilt and lost most of the harshness of the treatment by the white man to the Native Indians this in mind I will still give it 5 stars.

  2.  Old Silent Movie Game


    I found too much text, it reminded me of an old silent move of the 1920's era, graphics were ok but to reiterate way too much text, I will not be finishing the game off, another one at the back of the shelf, for when I get old and loose my hearing.

  3.  Great to have back


    It is nice to see an old friend back, be it in a format that lets you choose between the original or the new, brings back memories of playing the game all those years back on the PC, glad they have kept to original format and not unduly changed it, game players who are fond of games like this will not be disappointed.

  4.  Fantastic


    Just finished this game, it was fantastic to have played both the first installment (Tunguska) and also the second (Puritas Cordis), I am looking forward to either the next installment/ game to be developed from the team, it keeps you thinking and looking forward, to the items that you have to find or interchange with other items to make them work together to move on, well worth buying in my estimation, roll on the next game.

  5.  Plenty of time


    Just finished playing this game, I found it robotic action/ movement, like watching a foreign film that has been dubbed into English where the mouths kept moving well after they had finished talking, and long pauses after asking the questions and the replies, the makers would be better off re-making the game but only after looking what the format is from the opposition.and what they offer.

  6.  Titanic Mystery


    To be honest I have only played this game for 90 minutes then stopped playing and put it to the back of the shelf but If you like repetitious games then this is for you it is not like the game it looks on the front cover all it is a page of writing and a puzzle then another page of writing and so on.
    I had expected more I had expected it to be like Titanic Hidden Mysterys or Secret Files for example but to be honest as I said earlier I had only played for 90 minutes so later it may improve but somehow I very much doubt it.