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  1.  Naughty to release a game this bad!


    I've been looking forward to this game for a while, seemed like something different but on playing it yesterday what a letdown! The controls, graphics and game camera are just terrible, you constantly have to adjust the angle to be able to see and if you enter a building it just freaks out and doesn't know what to show you :-( The actual gameplay is pretty rotten too, every mission is pretty much the same and gets very boring quick, I think the developers were going for a sort of Hitman style of play but have failed completly. I would avoid this game, rent it just to see how shocking it is! After months of hype (the videos mimicking cult movies were great!) the game has turned out to be awfull.

  2.  Nice t-shirt but sizes fitted VERY TIGHT!!!


    There was no mention in the listing about this being a fitted style t-shirt but after reading the other reviews I ordered a large instead of my regular size of medium. Should of purchased extra large though as even a size up from normal was like a sausage skin on me! The small label on the bag says it is fitted so why wasn't it listed as such by play.com? Shame because it's a nice looking t-shirt and good quality but now I'm returning for a refund, bit annoyed at wasting my time due to play.com's poor descriptions.

  3.  Poor Wii owners.....


    I really regretting buying a wii with all the garbage the games companies think they can throw onto it. This game is disgraceful, ugly blurry graphics, boring games with terrible motion controls. I only rented it thank god! Played each game once, then sent it straight back. Companies seem to think that because Wii is the casual gamers choice for the whole family then they will buy anything because all you do is wave your arms about, it's not good enough. Stop buying crap like this and maybe they will get the message!

  4.  Good for 5 mins


    It's Pong with fancy graphics! I got bored with it very quickly.

  5.  It's OK..


    I have rented this game and have to say it's not as bad as some reviews have made it out be. The single player game is pretty fun but there are some dodgy graphic glitches and bugs, nothing that stops the game from being playable though. If your thinking of buying for the online game then avoid, no one plays this online. I finally got one 4 player deathmatch on it yesterday after waiting about a hour (went off and made lunch while waiting). It wasn't worth the wait though, the online is pretty slow and boring and the weapons are all pretty lame. Overall I'd say rent this game and just blast through the single player (easy even on hard setting). I don't think it's worth buying even at play.com's £24.99 price.

  6.  Not impressed...


    I only rented this game (glad I did). Very annoying and boring. The flying controls are awful, and even when you do complete a sub level if you die on the next part you have to return and do the previous annoying bit all over again. The graphics are very poor and could have been done on any last gen machine, no excuse for poor graphics on the wii after mario galaxy showed us how good a 3d platform game can look this system. I'd give it amiss or like me rent before buying.

  7.  Amazing!!!!


    Been playing this all day, can't put it down. I'm a big Burnout fan but this new version is just so different and is amazing. So much to do and find, the city is incredible and very large. A lot of people ripped this apart after they had only played the demo, but the full game proves them all wrong. Online play is incredible too, unlimited races due to the fact you can choose your own start and finish points anywhere on the huge map, then it's up to you which way you get to the end. The online challenges are a great laugh too, simple things from everyone using boost to more complex challenges like getting everyone to park up between ramps while another player jumps them. Use you xbox camera to take photos which send to other players when you win or takedown, nice little touch. Overall I am very impressed - graphics,speed, size and fun factor make this one of xbox 360 best games!!

  8.  Poor port of a great package!


    If you can get the 360 or pc version of the orange box. The ps3 version is a very poor port, it was coded by EA and not valve who handled the other versions. The ps3 version suffers from terrible slowdown and episodes 1+2 are virtually unplayable in some sections. Real shame for ps3 owners because this is the greatest selection of games around at the moment.

  9.  Ignore sony fanbot review!


    In response to "Byrnesi" review below, how can you rate something one star because you prefer the ps3 controller? The 360 pad is incredible, very comfortable and well laid out, good weight to it also. I bought a ps3 (moment of madness when the price cut was announced! Sold it 2 weeks later.) and the sixaxis pad is horrible, very light and flimsy and way to go Sony for sticking with a 12 year old design! Also the lack of rumble is very poor. I have owned pretty much every system in the last 20 years and can honestly say the 360 pad is my favorite ever.

  10.  Not for me.


    A lot of good reviews on here for this game but I just couldn't get into it myself and I love FPS games. The levels are all very boring and very dark, even with the flashlight on you can't see very far (plus the draw distance is poor for a next gen title). The weapons all feel very underpowered, the smallest of enemies take way too many shots to drop. The squad mechanics are ok, good fun swapping characters and being able to use different powers and weapons but not enough to keep you interested. The graphics are not very good either even at 1080p. I have been looking forward to this one but feel really disappointed now I've played the full game. Also one last note if you like achievements then avoid this unless you can be bothered playing through on hard you won't get much. The ones you do get are very poor too (just kill so many enemies in certain ways yawn!!)