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  1.  "If it bleeds, we can kill it"


    It's been a long time coming but we have at long last, Predator in it's true Full HD glory, with a massively cleaned up picture and a 5.1 DTS HD soundtrack.
    I never owned the previous Blu-ray of Predator, due to the amount of complaints regarding the transfer, and for Blu-ray quality you always want the best.
    This is an excellent transfer all round but not perfect. There are a couple of scenes where the quality drops a little, like when they first drop into the jungle for example, the colours are strangely brown and muted in the night, but this is probably more to do with the telecine transfer than anything else. As for the "waxy" look on people's faces, I have to say I disagree, that's perspiration on Dillon's face, not a transfer issue at all!!

    I have viewed this on a 42" Panasonic Full HD Plasma through HDMI 1.3 via PS 3, and the rest of the film is excellent quality. The lush greens and bloody reds of the film are captured vividly later on, especially when they discover the bodies in the "choppa" . The Predator itself also looks better than ever with his triangular red laser sight looking superb on this transfer.
    The soundtrack is also, absolutely awesome! Overall, purchase this asap, you've never seen Predator looking so good!

  2.  The Best Bat T Shirt Ever!


    Have to say that the new Batman logo looks outstanding on this T. The Bat insignia is in a shiny silver as opposed to the dull looking grey in the picture. Just wish that they make the "Knightfall" Bat insignia T-shirt next!

  3.  The Best Band Ever?


    Okay, so I'm a massive fan, but since their amazing debut and hype that preceded them, put simply, no band has had quite the same impact. The Strokes look and sound the part, and their unique garage rock lent to a revival of eighties inspired sound that followed.
    The album is essentially 38 mins of flawless music, and the Strokes have never sounded so urgent or vital since. "The Modern Age" "Hard To Explain" "NYC Cops" and "Take It Or Leave It" are just stone cold classic tunes.
    The other two albums - Room on Fire and First Impressions of Earth in particular are a mixed bag, but by then, after listening to this, you wonder what happened? Hope the fourth album will put them back at the top!

  4.  Is James Cameron the new George Lucas?


    With the amount of hype that surrounded the film before release, inevitably, Avatar cannot truly live up to the Messiah-like expectations of it's audience. After seeing the film in a somewhat grainy transfer in 3D at the IMAX at Waterloo, I left disappointed and somewhat stumped as to what the fuss was all about.

    It's no secret that Cameron had worked for years on the technology that would bring his magnus opus to the big screen, but to be perfectly honest I would have preferred it if Cameron had paid an equal amount of attention to the clunky join the dots script, generic characters and Titanic-like emotional manipulation of the film itself. Even the soundtrack has that Gaellic sound of Kate and Leo's doomed romance.

    It's not so much that the film is bad, it's just that I was expecting so much more.
    The Terminator, T2, The Abyss and Aliens were tightly wound edge of your seat films with scripts to match. Aliens, especially, was a relentless, unbearably tense movie that left you emotionally drained yet satisfied that Cameron had truly delivered a sequel on par with the original.
    Avatar, on the other hand, feels like a cross between Star Wars Eps 1-3, Aliens, The Smurfs, Pocahontas, Dances With Wolves, Titanic and to a lesser extent, The Matrix.

    Cameron has essentially amalgamated his previous films into one big mess. Characters and even the action set pieces are almost a nod to eveything else done previously. It's just that everybody else did it slightly better. Sam Worthington is okay as Jake Sully but certainly doesn't have the same star quality as Schwarzenegger or even Cameron favourite, Michael Biehn.
    And some of the lesser characters like Giovanni Ribisi and the Major are carbon copies of Carter Burke (Aliens) and Kilgore (Apocalypse Now) respectively. And don't even get me started on Sigourney Weaver's eco-scientist! Ripley, what has become of you?!!
    Worthington has stated that he has signed up for a trilogy, I just hope that the sequels will be better, and Cameron pays more attention to the script, characters and dialogue. Somehow though I doubt it!
    At least it will be in 3-D with Smellovision eh James?

  5.  Besson's Best Film After Leon!


    Luc Besson's half arthouse half action film is certainly a stunning example of style over substance. With the majority of 80's action movies looking like they were shot off the back of a lorry, it's refreshing to see that Besson not only makes the film look gorgeous, but that this is also the early blueprint for Leon. Indeed, even Jean Reno turns up in this film.
    The plot is wafer thin and totally unbelievable, but the excellent Blu-ray transfer and audio breathe new life into this cult French classic. The ending, however, may frustrate or delight viewers in equal measure!

  6.  Demo Material!


    Outstanding pic and audio quality with all three films, Blu-ray and The Matrix go hand in hand. No grain, picture noise or motion artefacts! Shame that Matrix Revolutions was such a turkey, but the first film and Reloaded are still the best in my opinion.
    The trilogy is seriously worth getting at this price, and will test the limits of your AV kit!

  7.  Best Version of T2 Available!


    At 8 quid, this BD is basically an essential purchase. I have the Ultimate double disc DVD set which really pales in comparison in terms of pic and sound quality, and I bought that for 20 quid 4 years ago! The transfer here is the best seen for T2, and the audio certainly has more aggressiveness and ooomph, that was lacking on the DVD Dolby Digital soundtrack.
    There is some noticeable grain evident, but this has more to do with the transfer from 35mm film that Cameron used for T2. Compared with the DVD version however, this disc blows it out of the water!
    This BD also scores extra marks however, with the THX Optimizer 2.0 included on this disc. It's the only BD that I know of, that has this calibration tool, and is absolutely essential to getting the best pic and sound quality from your AV equipment!

  8. Lungs


    Florence & The Machine - CD

    25 New from  £4.61  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.18

     "Happiness, hit her, like a train on a track..."


    Definately my favourite album of last year, and probably one of the most original. "Lungs" is the debut album from the very talented Florence Welch. Cracking songs, intelligent lyrics and a mish mash of pop, folk and a love of Kate Bush, makes this an essential purchase.
    Singles include Dog Days are Over, Kiss With A Fist, Rabbit Heart, Drumming Song and the cover of You Got the Love. I kinda agree with the previous reviewer, that they're are even better songs on the album, like the beautiful and sweet Between Two Lungs and My Boy Builds Coffins.
    She deserves all the praise that has been heaped on her! Superb!

  9.  Worth watching for Ledger's performance alone!


    Not going to bother reviewing the film...It's been reviewed a billion times already! Heath Ledger. quite possibly, gives one of the best and most memorable performances of the Noughties! Very, very sad that we will never see him in the third Batman film, which director Chris Nolan confirmed he would have appeared in.
    R.I.P. Heath!

  10.  A Masterpiece with excellent pic and audio quality!


    Just thought I had to say that the picture and audio quality of this Blu-ray is outstanding. Picture quality is not "soft" at all. Ridley Scott's dystopian sci-fi based on Phillip K Dick's cyberpunk novel has never looked or sounded so good.
    The difference in quality between this and the Director's Cut vanilla DVD is substantial, since Warner Bros. and Scott himself have spent a long time remastering the picture and audio to create the Final and Ultimate Cut of Blade Runner.

    Certain things have been removed and added from the original Director's Cut, and there has been a lot of tinkering with regards to audio and picture, like better looking matte shots, removal of the visible wires attached to Edward James Olmos' Spinner vehicle, etc. The much lauded Unicorn Dream Sequence in the Director's Cut has also been altered, and Tyrell's death scene looks even more sadistic than before.
    The only complaint I would say is that compared to the 5 disc BD Ultimate Edition that was released in the US (which contained ALL versions of the film remastered), the UK BD release is pretty tame.
    But for a tenner this Blu-ray is a real bargain! Brilliant!