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  1.  Amazing Shooter/RPG


    I dont know what the other reviewer was talking about, but the graphics are a nice touch and fit in well with the baron land setting. The controls are nice and feel easy to use. The gameplay itself is awesome and if you like Fallout then you'll love this. In some ways it is better than Fallout as the shooting and guns feel a lot better and there's over 500,000 weapons to find. There's also 4 characters to choose from and the leveling up system is pretty cool. And there's nothing better when you kill someone and they drop a awesome weapon for you to kill a bunch of bad guys with. Also the online is great and easy to use. I've only had this game for a couple of days and I can't stop playing it, it's so addictive. This is a must buy for any gamer.

  2.  Top class game


    This is the way games should be.It's a free roaming game, and has a very large map. So there's plenty of land to cover, and loads of bad guys to kill.There's also loads of collectibles and side quests to do.It's also one of the first games to introduce the trophy system, so you can collect them then show off to your friends.The online play is also really good and has a great map editor option as well.And to top it all the graphics are excellent and the music adds to tension of the game.So this game is well worth the buy and the single player game should last you about 30 hours.

  3.  Not to shabby


    Ok Let's first say this is game is not like gta4,but is that really a bad thing.The graphics a pretty bad for it being a PS3 game.But I have to say I really liked it.You'll get about 30-40 hours of game play out of the game and there are various weird side quests you can do.But I will say that there was some things that did ruin this game for me.For example the A.I in the game has the IQ of a carrot.Which can be a big pain since sometimes your relying on the Computer to drive for you or protect you.But all in all this game was fun to play and was worth the buy.

  4.  Wow,so much to do.


    I have been a gta fan from the good old playstation versions.But this Ps3 version is amazing.At first I was a little angry,as the driving just did'nt feel the same and they dont have as many rewards in the game as they use to.Like when you collected all the packages and it unlocks items outside your safe house.....Well that's gone.But the I have been playing the game for 40 hours already and I keep getting side tracked by all the extra stuff to do in the game.There is so many small touches that make this game amazing.But for some reason there's some stuff that just doe'snt feel grand theft Autoy.If I could chose 4.5 stars I would,as the game is great but it's not as good as the 10/10 marks it has been getting everywhere.Also the selected sound track you get free is pretty poor apart from the grand theft auto theme tune.But the lock box and the rest of the items are excellent,the lock box is solid.Not some cheaply made thing.

  5.  Good but not good enough


    Well if your thinking of buying this game,i would first suggest you rent it.As the game is really short and can get boring really fast.Dont get me wrong the graphics are awesome and so are the weapons,and the conversations between the two main characters are really funny.but it was just missing that something to get me hooked.Also if your playing the co-op game and dont have someone to go the other player,things can become a little annoying.As the other player wont always do exactly as you want.If your looking for a game with loads of guns and loads of fun i would suggest Call of duty 4 modern warfare.......It' amazing and the online play is even better especially if you have a load of mates and get the head set's.

  6.  Just all wrong


    I am a big fan of the dynasty warriors games,and have almost all of them.So i bought this one as well.But sad to say this one is aload of crap.They have gotten rid of the items and the 5 weapons which i thought where one of the best things about the game.They have also totally changed the battle system,which is pathetic.You feel like your doing the same moves over and over again.They also decided to change some of the characters weapons.And this made it even worse.And the indeapth leveling up system is a joke.If your thinking about buying this i would rent it first as it's a big waste of money.