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  1.  good read


    The Christmas Cookie Club By Ann Pearlman

    I did enjoy reading this book, The layout I found lovely with a recipe at the beginning of each members chapter with Marnie the main characters story and narrative running alongside the individual stories. I also loved the pages about the origins of staple ingredients e.g Flour, Sugar, Chocolate and nuts plus many more I learnt alot of interesting information about each ingredient however at times I felt it interrupted the story as I just wanted to carry on with the story on to the next chapter. perhaps this would have been nice as a extra chapter at the end all clustered together. Ann pearlman has wrote each character with love and care making the reader feel like the next 'cookie Virgin' of the group. Each member has there own troubles in there lives yet they all seem to bind together really nicely none are left out on a limb like other similar books I have read. Although I did feel that at times Marnie's daughters story was getting a tad repetitive at times like Pearlman was running out of steam and throwing it into the story abit too much.

    Overall this was a very nice easy read, very festive and cosy. Made me want to set my own christmas cookie club with my girlfriends. I will defiantly be recommending to a friend and be reading Ann Pearlman in the future.

  2.  not one of the best Madeline wickham books!


    This isnt one of the best madeline wickham books i have read however it is still readable and enjoyable. A great easy read, some very funny moments and a great story. Just not up there with some of the others that I have read.

  3.  A great read


    This was the first Madeleine Wickham book that i read, just bought it as a impluse buy at my local supermarket as it was 2 books for 8 pound and there was no others i really wanted. however im so glad i picked this one it was a fantastic read quite dark compared to the other Madeleine wickham books i have read since. Great storylines although one of the storylines seemed aboit out of place but however it was still gripping and i read this book in 2 days as wanted to know what the outcome was.

  4.  nice enjoyable little book


    This is the third Madeline Wickham I have read and it is a great little easy read. however i feel it could have been just a little longer one of the shorter ones I have read. It was a tad predictable at times. A lovely story about friendship made a nice change from my usual books about love. would have been 5 stars if it had been a little longer ended abit rushed.

  5.  Fab read


    Loved Loved Loved this book, it was a chocice at my book club and i wasnt sure if I would enjoy however I was very suprised and please what a lovely well written story this turned out to be. kept me wanting to know more night after night. A lovely, funny, sad at times will have you laughong and crying. if i could rate this book more i would.

  6.  Fantastic read


    this book was a pleasure to read from start to finish, A fantastic gripping read and the twist and turns didnt stop coming. I am still left thinking about this book even 3 days after finishing. Fab way of writing, Great Characters, Fab story
    I would totally recommend!!

  7.  really didnt enjoy


    I really didnt enjoy this book one bit, wish i hadnt wasted my money on it and think Mink Elliott could have saved a whole rainforest of paper by not writing it in the first place. Roxy the main character was one of the most depressing poorly written characters ive ever had to read about. I read this book to about halfway and just couldnt carry on!! save your money!!

  8.  good read


    A good easy read, enjoyable however abit too predictable. will definatly read more claudia carroll books in the future. Great main characters Annie and Dan and a great subject ' can your relationship survive by taking a year out'