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  1.  More of the same but who's complaining?


    More of an expansion pack than a new game but as you can pick this up for less than 25 quid it's a bargain. There's a new playable character, a few more types of Zombie and some different weapons. Yes there are still a few bugs but who really cares as your decapitaing a Stencher with your Death stalker Waizasaki? If you enjoyed the first game you'll love this.

  2.  Cowboys & Ninjas! Whats not to like?


    Fantastic film & complete bargain at 5.99, PQ & SQ on the Blu Ray are excellent, get this if you enjoyed Kung Fu hustle, The Good the Bad & the Weird.

  3.  Best Samurai film ever made?


    Probably not but it is very good, PQ on the Blu Ray's fair, a bit disapointing for a new title. I did expect it to be a lot more violent
    as its a Takashi Miike film. If you like Seven Samurai, Azumi, Lone Wolf & Cub then you need this.

  4.  Worthy but it ain't a keeper!


    I'm about 4 hours into campaign. Graphics are reasonable but trailing behind KZ3. Sound design is excellent. Weapons & gameplay fairly solid. Havn't got on MP yet apart from a co-op Zombie game which was mediocre. I play KZ3, COD, BF2 which are all better but saying that i'm enjoying this more than the overhyped, dull, Crysis 2. Get it if you enjoyed Fear 1-2.

  5.  No spoilers from me......


    Extremely grisly & dark shocker PQ & SQ excellent. If you love Asian films get it now before the inevitable (crap) Hollywood remake.

  6.  I slipped sir!


    As mentioned above its a very poor remake of Scum. Stick to the original or try Sean Penns; Bad Boys

  7.  Great alternative if your'e bored of KZ3,COD or BF2


    I've only played online at the moment. I play COD,KZ3 & BF2. Devs THQ have taken all the best bits from COD, BF2 & Counterstrike & its a pretty decent alternative if your bored of any of the games i've already mentioned.
    Good sized maps & game modes, decent set of weapons & killstreaks, vehicles to use.

  8.  Drive around the Top Gear track in a VW camper! Awesome!


    No its not, its bloody boring & dull.
    The DEVs who think trundling around a track at 40mph (in crap cars that you would'nt be seen dead in,) is fun need a good sound kicking for ruining what used to be the best driving franchise out there. Graphics mixed bag, terrible AI, dull gameplay, long loading screens despite a lengthy 20 minute (yeah right) install & don't even get me started on that Jazz soundtrack that plays during the menus.......

  9.  Blood: The last vampire


    Stick with the Anime version superior in every way, fight scenes are average at best & the film boasts some of the worst CGI effects i've ever seen.

  10.  Save your £4!


    Yes this film is a comedy classic, but what the previous reviewer fails to tell you, is that they have re-recorded the entire soundtrack & replaced it with some cheesy Pub Rock outfit which is totally unsuitable to the films 1960's time frame.