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  1.  Brilliant and well produced game


    This game is fantastic. It is completely engrossing with a good story line that deals with some interesting issue's. After some research i found out that almost all of the Augmentations are based on things either currently in use, or in development at the moment which i found fascinating. The graphics are absolutely jaw dropping with some amazing vistas.

    The game always gives you numerous options of how to negotiate a level. There is always an extra air vent if you dont want to fight, or a way to sneak past without killing anyone. But if you do want to fight, the cover system is really intuitive and useful, making fire fights exciting, and stealth more based on skill and patience than luck.

    There are only 3 down points of the game, and one of them is a very minor one.
    Firstly the game engine is mildly sluggish. This may of been a concious decision to stop people just run and gunning the levels, but it does mean if your trying to react quickly and fire its difficult. Lining up a head shot normally takes a good few seconds due to the game engine. However though the cover and stealth system both address this issue somewhat.

    The second point is it feels short. Since having the game a week ago i have completed it twice and i'm in a full time job, playing for a couple of hours a night. It is still longer than most games, just not as long as the first Deus Ex was.

    The last point is only a minor one. The locations never seem varied, despite the fact that you go from new york, to hong kong, and various other places, they are all very similar. This is a small point as there are a few differences and playing styles between the area's, but they just aren't as varied as they were in the original deus ex.

    In conclusion, this is a brilliant game with good gameplay, interesting missions and dialogue and also makes you make some tough decisions. Definitely the best game i have played in a long time and well worth the money.