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  1.  Great Game!


    Dishonored is a great game with a great graphics and a good story involving lots of political corruption. The environment is great to travel around in a stealthy manor or when you get into a great kill streak. However I felt just as I was getting to know an area I was taken out of it, it just felt a tad small. The powers you have are fun and very helpful for various things such as distractions or helping out if the battle is getting tough and many more, However I found some of them to be lacking a bit of imagination for such a dark game. The story is interesting but at times I felt it was a bit slow or I forgot what I was really doing here, it could have just done with a bit more of a talk up in audio logs into the deep details.

    To summarize:

    Great detailed world.
    Wide options of player choice.
    Interesting Story.

    Somethings lack imaginative outcomes.
    Sometimes comes off track.

    Giving this game a 4/5 rating! But still a must have for your gaming collection!

  2.  What doesn't kill you simply makes you... Stranger.


    Batman Arkham City is a very well made game, you have a reasonable chunck of Gotham to now explore, This game is far quicker into the action than Arkham Asylum and lacks some character introduction, however it being the sequal I can let this go easily. Batman is still struggleing to swim, but why would you wish to spend time in murky waters when you can now glide you way across tthe whole city! The main story line is a good length taken me the best of 2 days to complete however there is much more to do with the Riddler challenges and side missions. Arkham City has a good show of Batman villans however it would have been better to have gone into more detail on some and cut back on some others. Over all a great game which I would recommend any Batman fan or Gamer to buy.

  3.  Give it time...


    The game is good with the world you are in giving you some amazing visuals, The zombies are well detailed and the layers system is very nice and can also be nasty when you break a zombies arm. However, The start to the game felt very slow. I felt I was running around doing the same thing making it abit tedious, after getting bored with doing the same thing I haven't progressed any further and I have about 2 hours of game play. I'd say give it time for the price to fall a little and then buy. A great game if you have the patience.