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  1.  Gutted!


    I have to say that i'm really disapointed that there isn't a "jump in jump out" option for a 2nd player. Years and years ago, me and the wife spent hours playing this on PS2 and we were so excited to hear of its come back to console.

    How guuted were we that its 1 player only, surely it wouldnt have been that difficult to add a "jump in jump out" option, considering you can control multiple sims at the same time. I've even heard there is no chance of it being included as an update or patch.

    I feel this game needs this option and until its included i can only award a poor 2 stars!

  2.  Good game!


    i totally agree with the previous review, if your a fan of CSI then i think you'll really get on with this game, although there is only 5 cases to solve i think its enough, each case will take maybe an hour and a half at least if you played solidly but that is enough without making it too complex, it makes you think, it'll have you scrating your head and i for one enjoy that about a game. 4/5

  3.  What can i say


    Im known for detailed and maybe over the top reviews, so i shall keep this simple! An awesome soundtrack for an awesome film!
    Nothing more can be said really!

  4.  Sitting on the fence


    After the longer than normal season 4, its feels like a step backwards when your presented with only 8 episodes again, it starts off slow as do most of the previous series' but you have to give it time before it reminds you how good Oz really is, this isnt the best series and im sure a lot of poeple will agree but its the same old Oz, this story lines, light humour and violence in abundance. Surly a "must buy" if you have all previous 4 series'

  5.  Beautiful


    Beautiful.....i see a few people making points about the mixing but i can't see (or hear) a problem with it, the quality of the tracks on this great value compliation make up for it, easily! If you're into chilled out sounds, this is a must buy!

  6.  Beautiful, really beautiful man!


    Two words is all it takes, the second word being beautiful and the first word being ****ing!