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  1.  Good movie, but haven't I seen it somewhere before....?


    One of the review quotes on the box states that it's a movie like no other. I wouldn't agree with that entirely, but it seems that I might be the only person in the world to have noticed! Maybe I have a strange, warped mind but as I watched Avatar I couldn't help thinking how alike the story was to that of Disney's Pocahontas! Travelling to another world (country) with intent to claim the land and rid the place of so-called 'savages', who turn out to be a peaceful people who love their planet (country) and are 'at one with nature'. Then one of the invaders breaks from the group and joins the peace loving poulation and learns their ways, defending them in the final battle. All very similar.... No jolly songs in this one though and the running time is at least twice as long! The running time, however is my only sticking point with this movie. The action, the story and the effects are fantastic - though losing quite a lot without the benefit of a huge 3D cinema experience - but I'm sure it could have been at least half an hour shorter. So make sure you're sitting very comfortably before you start watching and enjoy! You won't be sitting much longer once the movie is over as the extra features on the disc are non-existant.

  2.  What video games are all about!


    It's here at last! The latest Mario game hits the Wii and it doesn't disappoint. This game takes Mario right back to his 2D platforming roots, but as ever the gameplay is fantastic, the game itself is huge and this'll keep you busy easily until Mario Galaxy 2 hits the shelves. As ever, Nintendo have thought of the whole family and the game can be played by up to four players - and is easily as much fun as multi-player Mario Kart. This doesn't mean that single players should feel left out, as despite the cute graphics and retro feel the game will certainly test the most hard-core gamer! Excellent in every way - is there any way of awarding 6 stars on here?

  3.  Great fun!


    The first time I saw this I wasn't too sure... Then on repeat viewings it just got funnier. The spoof of X-Factor is spot on - Peter Kay is obviously a huge fan! All credit too to the judges who send themselves up something rotten - especially poor Dr Fox who has the cringiest lines of the three of them. When you've watched the main programme and the results show, head over to the bonus features where you'll find a great send-up of ITV2s The Xtra Factor - just as funny, if not better than the main show. You'll not find any other DVD featuring Peter Kay, dressed as a post-op transexual, singing along to the Blankety Blank theme tune accompanied by Sir Paul McCartney. Priceless! Loses one star not because of the main feature, but because a few behind the scenes features would have been nice, with some input by Kay himself. Buy this DVD now - you won't regret it (though your friends might as you walk around at work for the next fortnight humming The Winner's Song!)

  4.  Ouch!


    Note to play.com - reviewers need to be able to rate certain films with no stars at all! Don't get me wrong - I'm a bit partial to the odd chick flick here and there. Enjoyed Bridget Jones, Mamma Mia and classics like Ghost and Dirty Dancingamongst others, but unfortunately this is not even close to being in the same league. This must have the most annoying and easily-loathed central character in any film I've ever seen. Obviously the film has a happy ending, though it doesn't deserve one! A happy ending for me would have been to see Isla Fisher's character run over by a bus. Serves her right for making me feel like picking up my TV and throwing it furiously out of the window. Apparently the director of this also gave us Muriel's Wedding and My Best Friend's Wedding - both pretty good examples of movies in this genre. Maybe when he decided to do this he was having an off day and regrets it now (he MUST do!). I could go on for pages venting my hatred for this film, but it might be best just to say "Don't buy it". Save the money and go and do something a lot less frustrating, annoying, time-wasting and pointless. Like counting cars.

  5.  A good adaption of the book


    When will people like the last reviewer realise that books have to be cut somewhat to make a two hour film? It's impossible to get everything in there! I read and enjoyed the book and also enjoyed the film. For those who have not read the book you may find it a little difficult to follow, but if you coped with the ins and outs of The Da Vinci Code you'll have no trouble with this. It's my opinion that the book and film are both better than Da Vinci.

  6.  Still the best Batman movie of them all


    I am glad that this film is now being released on Blu-Ray. Though this isn't highly camp like the Adam West Batman of old, it also doesn't take itself quite as seriously as the recent films. Jack Nicholson, for me, is the perfect Joker and looks like he's having the time of his life here. This is what Batman should all be about - a fun, action flick for all the family.

  7.  As nerve-wracking as the real thing!


    This game will leave your nerves in tatters! It sounds simple - mix the ingredients, cook the various dishes and send them out of the kitchen. The problem is you can only prepare one amount of each ingredient at a time before it goes into the pot, and all dishes have to complete near enough at the same time. On top of that, some dishes take longer than others and Gordon is standing over you watching the whole time and offering not-very-friendly put-downs when you screw up! That's only the arcade mode. In career mode you have all this plus the added tasks of greeting your guests, taking orders and serving their meals too. It's one of those 'must have one more try' games that is hard to put down. At varoius points in career mode you are rewarded with authentic Ramsay recipes to try your hand at - if you like posh nosh! A great game for those who like their puzzlers a little more on the manic side.

  8.  Batman's biggest threat of all...


    Call me old fashioned, but I feel I must fly in the face of popular opinion and say that, for me, there will never be a better Joker than Jack Nicholson. That film got the balance just right between being dark, but also fun. This new film - though being very good, action packed and entertaining seems to take itself far too seriously. After all - it is still a bloke dressed in a bat costume!! Much more of this and Batman's greatest danger will be the threat of completely disappearing up his own backside!

  9.  Something a bit different


    I'm not usually the biggest fan of American sitcoms, but this one is so completely different I was hooked. For a start, the actors actually leave the studio! Have you noticed they don't do that very of ten in American comedies!!? Also each episode has a decent story rather than just a group of characters sitting around making sarcastic comments about each other.
    Not worth going into the plot as that's all been said. The main characters in the show are all perfectly cast, especially 'Joy' who steals every scene she is in. A lot of the humour is very 'Simpsons' with even the smallest throwaway line being funny. I look forward to series two!
    Also look out for the bonus 'pilot' episode 'Bad Karma' - not seen on TV. Turns the plot on it's head, where due to a simple TV channel-change Earl sets out for revenge rather than to put things right!

  10.  Try it - you'll like it!


    I really wasn't expecting to like this movie - my son wanted to see it so I went with him to the cinema and was pleasantly surprised. I hadn't seen Shaun Of The Dead beforehand so didn't realy have a clue what was in store!
    What you get is a very funny comedy/action flick that will keep you entertained throughout it's pretty long running time. Beware - there are one or two particularly gory scenes which seem so out of place they just add to the fun of it all, but might be a bit much for the squeamish!
    The DVD is also packed with a huge amount of extras which, unusually, are actually worth watching too.