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  1.  Don't believe the hype.


    (Quick point, the manual is included in game via the menu rather then in the case itself, save the trees and all that jazz).

    Good points

    - The combat is very flashy, easy to get on with and quite diverse depending on your spec.

    - The variation in the specs themselves, the "destinies" and the bonuses they give and the fact you can mix and match almost any talents to suit your taste is great.

    - The crafting is simple, and enjoyable.

    - Lot's of gear with their own back stories.

    - Loads of side quests.

    - 4 factions (5 if bought brand new) with individual quest lines and powerful rewards.

    - Graphically very nice indeed, especially the forests and water effects.

    Bad points (The EA hype machine was in full throttle for this)

    - Reviewers claiming "hundreds of ours of play with only the main quests". Lies, on the hardest difficulty, doing all factions, story and most of the side quests you'll be done in 80 easily.

    - Difficulty, it doesnt exist, do it on "hard" from the beginning for 100g and its still an absolute walk in the park.

    - Sound is terrible, not the acting, thats good, and the actual sounds are kick ass, but whoever deicded that detailed story speech should be cancelled out to never appear again in favour of a random battle cry should be sacked. Also on this note, the music seems to randomly cut out or not bother appearing at all in some areas.

    - Bugs are few and far between, but are enough to really take away from the experience, approaching a quest from the wrong direction for example (Headsman, klurikon) bugs the quest out, requiring a reload.

    - Story, yup that's right, hype hype hype, the story is weak, the ideas of it are cool and you can tell a lot of imagination went into it, but it's execution leaves a lot to be desired. You never really feel immersed in the story because it's so disjointed.

    - No need for a level cap at all, takes away from giving a damn about killing stuff.

    It's a good game, but there's too many things that felt rushed to make it a great game. you'll get a happy 70 hours out of it, but after that it'll begin to get tedious quickly for some. But if you can look past the bad things then it's a real gem, and considering we can more then likely expect another in the KoA series, things can only get better.
    Check it out for sure, just maybe not for full price.

  2.  If it's your thing you'll love it.


    4 seperate modes to blast through, mix and match from 3 ships and 3 play styles for them. And blast, dodge and hyper your way through 5 levels of bullet madness.
    Unless you put it on novice mode then it's seriously easy.
    However, the true appeal to this game, as with most of these style of shooters, is the scores, whether you're a perfectionist like me and constantly pushing your own damn score because of tha one bullet that hit you and screwed your hit counter! Or you use score attack mode to se how you compare against others over live leaderboards, that is where the fun comes into it.
    Being able to record replays of your runs, and indeed watch those of the people who are able to run the hardest modes with not a single fault is a great feature.

    So in much much shorter, If you like scrolling shooters, reflex testing, and constantly striving to beat your score and those of people you've never met, this is sheer quality.
    Oh and if you like to dream in a barrage of pink and blue circles also helps.

  3.  Established genre fans will enjoy it a lot!


    If you tend to watch a lot of Eastern films, and not just for how hard they hit each other, then this is a good title for anyones collection.
    The fight scenes being "over the top" is kind of the point, if you like the mythical fantasy of the east with some of the best fight scenes you'll get from the genre, well worth a fiver.

  4.  Solid standalone film from the Rurouni Kenshin series


    Granted the Rurouni Kenshin series is a bit dated now, if you can look past that then you'll find yourself a solid movie which works as a standalone arc from within the RK series itself.

  5.  Not what you expect but a fun time anyway!


    Those who approach this expecting the adventures of the games in anime form will be disappointed.
    However if you approach it with an open mind it turns into a solid anime with a strong story and well developed characters.

  6.  Strong in some places, weak in others.


    Having played every Final Fantasy game i could get my hands on since i was 14, i was eagerly awaiting this one, somewhat still reeling from the travesty of X-2, i was looking forward to seeing what Square would provide with its first next gen installment (XI not inluded).
    I agree with several reviewers here and elsewhere, in that a couple of the characters are linear and annoying (Snow, Hope) however they serve their roles of pushing the story forward. Speaking of which, the story is great, as every you'd expect from Square, the depth and mystery of the world that surrounds you is immense. It's just a shame that it wasn't literal.
    It takes roughly 60 hours to complete if you grind a bit like me, the first 20 of which you dont get any exploration at all, point A - point B, mini boss, cutscene, next. A shame, to be sure.
    The open area isn't truly open until you finish the game and come back (thus opening up the final levelling up process). The levelling up itself is linear, grinding isnt worth it as its all streamlined, you can only level up so far until X place in the story, then a bit more and so on.
    Customisation is limited, more can be accessed at "end game" but even so, upgrade your weapons, accessories thats it.
    However, there is yet praise to be found.
    The battle system is fluent and a step in the right direction for Jrpg's such as FF, allowing you to play with the turn based feel of an old FF, but being able to shift the tide battle with fluent teamwork and role switching brings a fresh feel to it.
    Also if you are that way inclined there are a lot of bigger challenges to take on after the game in the form of c'eith stones and a larger "tournament" to progress through for powerful rewards, which you will need to face down the biggest of the big.

    - Great graphics
    - Mostly great characters
    - Amazing story
    - Fresh combat system
    - Lots of harder challenges for post-completion

    - Takes a long time to feel like you're getting anywhere
    - A couple of 'really' annoying characters
    - Limits on levelling
    - Practically no freedom apart from one field area (until post completion)

    Good game, not great, but good. If you can get it cheap, grab it.

  7.  A good ending to the series.


    And it should've been, "Halo 4" is not a halo game without bungie in the drivers seat.
    Reach on the other hand, very strong single player, best and most thought out story of the series, introducing a squad of spartans to connect with was a turn of genius, made the campaign much more then just a run and gun that they always have been. If it was on single player alone it would've been a 5 star from me.
    However, the multiplayer lets it down.
    Contrary to what many people will say, Halo mulitplayer has declined steadily since Halo 2. Halo 3 proved itself in its own right. However reach became to "child friendly" with its multiplayer, flying around with jetpacks, turning invisible at will. Fun? yes, for 5 minutes or so, combine that with the screaming teenagers that basically makes you run everyone on mute, just to be sure, and it ruins it.
    For big fans of the halo series like myself, this is a great buy, but if you're looking for a competetive shooter, wait for MW3 or BF3.

  8.  Strong RPG, well worth the time.


    After hunting for this game for some months, i was lucky enough to find it in a local store, i wasted no time in playing it.
    The "official" reviews are a bit harsh granted, and i found the game a bit slow to start, but after a couple of hours of play the story really picked up and i found myself hooked.
    With a strong cast of characters, great voice acting, an interesting combat system and an orginal story with some great twists. This is well worth picking up.