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  1.  Another beautiful Final Fantasy title! :)


    I'm a big fan of FF saga, and I liked the mix of old and new things in this game.
    Old: the crystals, the jobs earned gradually through the game, the random encounters...
    New: the battle system (in many case you can't decide the target for your single action), the "Crown" upgrade (you learn abilities with gems, while battling just makes you levelling up), no chocobo (they were in EVERY Final Fantasy, so it's not tragedy they're not here even if they're pretty)...
    The graphic is cute, but the game is not baby-easy: if you don't pay attention you can get ko'ed quite easily, especially in the first part when the heroes act separately. In the second part you have the whole party of four, and finally you can start playing at the fullest, and you also can find an item that double exp. points, in fact before battling the final boss I have levelled up quite fast.
    The music are very nice too, never boring.
    The plot is a bit weak, time to time, but really, the fun is fighting and levelling up, I don't care if the crystal tale has already been told!
    5 stars, I enjoyed it very much and I recommend if you like Final Fantasy, and also if you want to play a solid RPG.

  2.  All-in-all, a quite nice RPG for your DS!


    Not much to say about gameplay, classic turn-based and stuff (you can find about it in every reviews around the web).
    Beautiful scenery, nice graphics and music...the ONLY thing I regret -and this thing has been pointed out by many people- is the low-quality voice-over.
    OK: it's nice they made scenes with voices, just like a game on ps2, but hey, they speak TOO WAY FAST. When reading reviews, I thought: "It can't be so bad!". Instead it is, especially for the main character (the hero). Anyway, you take it as a matter of fact and you buy the game (if you like Suikoden saga, and if you like RPG, you have to buy the game, it's a good title for your Nintendo DS).

    I give it 5 stars. In the worst case you follow the advice you can find at the end of the previous review: you turn off the volume and you play, but once you get use to the voices, I think you can enjoy anyway the game (as I'm doing).

    UPDATE after playing 3+ hours: you really get used to the voices, they don't bother you anymore once you're into the game, even if they are a bit fast...and DO NOT turn off the volume, you would miss all the nice music!
    This game is quite addictive, if you love RPG you just fall in love with it!!! :D
    Highly recommended if you like the genre!

  3.  I don't get crazy for strategy games...but I LOVE this!!!


    Ok, I don't really like strategic games, but I tried it out cuz it's FF...and I have been amazed!!!
    Apart from the plot (criticized by many but I think it's nice), the game is pretty good in graphic (as good as it can be in a GBA game), and the music is nice too.
    The gameplay is easy to master, even if in the beginning it can be fairly complicated to get over all the jobs and the abilities (in fact I needed a guide to get it well).
    Anyway, once you got how you can unlock new jobs through the use of weapons and armors, everything becomes even more addicting :D
    There are 300 missions (more or less), the good part of them becomes available once you have ended the game once.
    There are a bunch of secret characters that will join your clan, as well as a lot of stuff for the equipment, and every race (human, nu mou, moogle, bangaa and viera) has some particular job (you'll find out later in the game, the unlockable jobs are very useful and cool).

    What else to say?...If you like FF, and a FF completely different from the "classic" FFVIII and FFX and FFIII, and still a game with the whole magic and fantastic atmosphere of FF...try out this game!

    [Of course, go and read some reviews around the web to make your mind clearer, and on YouTube look for some gameplay video].