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    Firstly let me just say that I really enjoyed Crysis 2, even though I thought it was poor online, and could not wait for Crysis 3, what a let down. Yes it looks amazing, one of the best and the story is excellent with plenty of depth but, for me that's where the positive's end. The campaign is way to short, about 10 hours, its full of bugs, many, many people can't finish the game due to the final boss battle being glitched (check forums), and many of the achievements in single player are also glitched and don't open. Then we have online, looks amazing, controls are very easy - and that's it. So, so laggy, always seems to pick a host who must have a hamster in a wheel to connect to xbox live, The host will have 5 green bars and everyone else will have 1 red bar or 2 orange bars at best. And it makes a huge difference. When you have a host with a K/D of 0.50 and when host he's running around with 30 kills and 2 deaths then something is seriously wrong. The bullets lag, you die within 2 or 3 bullets, yet you need a full clip to get a kill, you quite often lose connection and many, many of the online achievements are also bugged, again (check forums). The are releasing a patch to fix some of the problems (for PC only) at the minute and there is no news as to when or even "if" there will be a patch for the Xbox 360 version. Overall at pretty game, short buggy campaign, glitched laggy online mode - and such a let down after all the reviews/hype it received.



    Yes, i agree with a few of the earlier reviews. Multiplayer is dominated by the best connections, you shoot most of a clip at an enemy only to have them turn around and kill you with a couple of bullets?, its not as bad as say Gears 2 but it aint far behind! But you get used to it after a while. You seem to get a lot of very laggy games and the weapons on a whole do sound awful. Graphically its very, very poor. Some maps look more "cartoonish" than anything else. Single player for me is ruined, simply because on veteran, there are certain levels where the enemies just keep on re-spawning (on veteran) and as soon as you move forward..the grenades start landing, not as bad as World at War but still stupid, especially as there may only be 4 enemies and all of a sudden you get 4 grenades at your feet? Did they all throw one at the same time? It just ruins the game and the realism of it for me. I have played COD 2,3,4 WaW, MW2 and this is about the worst there is. On the plus side some of the stupid perks in MW2 have been removed so i cant get stabbed from 15ft away and there is no pathetic no-scope sniping. Please remember that this is my opinion. But after all is said and done - Its Call of Duty so it will sell millions of copies no matter what, Its a shame because after MW2 i was expecting something sensational, But got just another "good" FPS. 6/10.

  3.  Excellent.


    Well i loved the first Dragon Rising, even with its flaws, it was just a great co-op experience and very realistic compared to many other shooters, for me, there is nothing better than playing 4 player co-op with your mates, so this was always a must buy title for me personally. Graphically it looks very good, Its got a long campaign which when completed you can do on hardcore, now that will be a challenge! Away from the campaign you have co-op missions, protect the convoy, save the two pilots ect ect, its a great change from your everyday deathmatch, CTF ect ect. Also we have had no problems with connection unlike so many other co-op games, nobody has fallen out and we are nearing the end of the game. Only thing ive noticed is that sometimes the enemy AI seem to be floating in the air? and thats it. Ive really enjoyed playing this and if you are a fan of realistic shooters, and you enjoyed the first one then this is for you, if you are looking for a COD style shooter then stay well away. Overall - Excellent.



    Firstly let me just say that Crysis 2 is the best looking game on the 360, it looks simply amazing. Single player is fantastic, Wide array of weapons, great story, head on battle or stealth options, it took me about 10 hours to do the campaign and i loved it, it has the lot. Multiplayer is also excellent, but i have 2 little gripes, nothing major but 6 v 6 on some of the maps is too small amount of players, some of the maps (not many) are quite big and you struggle to find 4 or 5 players during the entire match. Secondly if you enter a game in a party with your mates you often end up on opposing teams. Apart from that i cant fault the game in any shape or form, its truly brilliant, worth every penny. One of my favourite 360 games ever!

  5.  What a let down.


    Here we go again, so much hype...and then such a let down. Firstly single player is very short, boring, and very annoying. The AI has a bad habit of standing in your way and getting you killed, also they run past enemies without killing them, and even stand right next to them and do nothing??? Its an average campaign and nothing more. Multiplayer is also very poor, its just a sniper / spawn killer paradise. Massive maps, get sniped, re-spawn and get sniped again from 300yds away before you get a chance to move??? Terrible. Although not as bad as Medal of Honor for sniping / spawn killing it aint far off, Multiplayer is completely ruined by this fact. Give it a few months and you will be able to buy this game for about 15 quid, you will probably struggle to find people playing it online though. Talking of which the Homefront servers seem to be down daily, hours at a time. Another problem which has been there since day one. This game does not compare to BFBC2, in fact it doesnt even come close, And with Battlefield 3, Graw Future Soldier, Crysis 2 and Gears 3 all on the horizon, this game will soon vanish into obscurity.

  6.  Brilliant Entertainment.


    I dont understand why some people have given this film a poor rating? Or complained about the picture quality? Its brilliant entertainment from start to finish! Yes, its not the best film you will ever see, but for sheer entertainment value you cant go wrong. Sword fighting, Demons, A Sadistic killer who changes his ways. Picture quality is superb and the sound is even better. Those who say different about the picture or sound quality of this film either have their set-up wrong or have not got a clue! Great fun at a great price!



    Firstly the single player campaign,what a let down,so simple and so short even on the hardest setting,i think it took me 6hrs to complete,which even by today's standards is pretty poor.Now my main gripe is on multiplayer,yes it looks good,sounds superb...but thats it,everything else about the multiplayer on this game is extremely poor.Firstly you get sniped in your spawn,by a sniper sitting in their spawn?its just get sniped,respawn,get sniped respawn over and over.Secondly you respawn in the same place 95% of the time,so yep,you guessed it,the enemy just sit and wait in your spawn and again its die,spawn,die,spawn!All the maps are very,very similar,there are no maps which stick out as a favourite as they all look pretty much the same and as i say, the map design is terrible when you can keep getting spawn killed in your own spawn area from some camping sniper sitting in his spawn? Very little time and effort have gone into the maps. I read that they tried to make a multiplayer game which is a little like Battlefield and a little like Call of Duty rolled into one,sadly they failed big time on both!Everything about this game,on multiplayer especially looks as though thay have put very little thought into it and as though they rushed it out,despite its obvious flaws.Also you regularly lose connection to the EA servers mid-game?After all the hype what a huge let down,all i can say is...roll on Black ops!

  8.  Good game, too many firefights?


    A very good single player campaign, Hunter mode is excellent in co-op, as is face off, some nice touches also like mark and execute and "interrogate" the bad guy!...but,...for me there is too many shoot outs and not enough stealth, they have mixed it up a little this time and it feels a bit like RS Vegas, dont get me wrong Vegas is a great game but this is Splinter Cell, where "stealth" is supposed to be key. Still, thats my only downside to what was a thoroughly enjoyable game all round. 4/5.

  9.  Good...Nothing more.


    Oh what a let down, looks amazing, single player on insane is so much easier than the first Gears. Multiplayer is slow, the guns dont have the same feel to them as in the first Gears, the maps dont compare to the first Gears also. A few nice touches like horde and planting grenades but overall good - not great. Also still terrible for lag and host advantage on multiplayer, why cant they sort it? 7.5 / 10.

  10.  5 Star all the way.


    Firstly i dont agree with all these reviews that say the game is too short, it took me 6 hours to complete on normal yes, but it took me 8 hours to complete on veteran which is 14 hours of gameplay which is about the norm these days. Also veteran mode is easier than COD4, you can take more damage before you die, another good point to mention is that the "over used grenades" on veteran in world at war is not here, you dont get 7,8 or 9 grenades at your feet every 5 seconds when you move forward, which is more realistic and makes the game more enjoyable. There is also the Spec Ops mode which gives you multiple challanges which you can complete in co-op mode with a mate online and earn stars which is truly brilliant. Then there is multiplayer, endless weapons and perks to unlock, the maps are brilliant and you cant fault it in any way. Finally, graphically its the best game ive seen on the 360, even better than Gears 2 in my opinion. A truly brilliant game all round which all fans of FPS and COD should own. 5 stars all the way from me.