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  1.  Wrong Colour


    Looking for a WHITE laptop for the wifes birthday, as she was very specific about what colour she wanted .

    Ordered this as it was described as 'Matte White', unfortuantely theyre referring to the interior and keyboard as its actually silver??

    Now if you sold it as purple i would now expect a purple keyboard and a random outer colour?

  2.  Amazing Sequel


    This is an amazing game that expands on the story of the first game. The graphics are slightly better and the customisation has been improved.
    However i completed the solo campaign in about 6 hours on realistic, but lets face it the online multiplayer is what people buy it for. I do agree that 40 quid is a bit harsh for a glorified expansion but im gonna spend many hours online with the new maps and the way people can jump in mid-game means that there is always plenty of action.



    Completed the single player in a couple of days and got sick of the multiplayer in a couple of weeks.
    Im a big fan of co-op gameplay so i still play rainbow and recon 2 online and enjoy the teamwork and strategy, but following an AI character through the one player story and racing to get the helicopter backup online isnt my idea of a great game.

    This was an average game that was visually impressive but that doesnt make it worth 40 quid. When this winds up in a second hand bin or play.com have a sale that makes it twenty quid i might rebuy just to add it to my collection. Then again i will hopefully be playing rainbow six vegas 2 or army of two.

  4.  Best Available


    Everyone keeps saying play this on the PC, if you have a pc with the recommended specifications then yes i agree.
    However for the gamers who have only a console i would recommend picking this up as it is a very good strategy game with a very long life both off and online and a future expansion already almost here.
    I've played this on both formats but the graphics card and processing power and hard drive space required to play this at a decent quality on a pc will set you back far more than twenty five quid.

  5.  Solitude


    40 - 50 hours of single player?

    In this day and age of online gaming, who wants to sit alone and press hack and slash for 50 hours with no other contact than the friends in the room who cant join in even if they wanted too?

    Its about time the consoles had a world of warcraft of their own.

  6.  Awesome Multiplayer


    I love this game on team deathmatch and co-op career, however i only play these games on single player for the acheivements. How many people in this day and age have either no friends and/or no internet access?

    It seems that Army of two might have the right idea.

    Oh and please make accessing grenades easier on Recon3, i dont always have time to access grenades, select grenade, throw grenade and reselect my gun when im in a fight, in rainbow you simply press the red button and boom ;)

  7.  Michael Mann must make this movie or dont bother plz


    Loved hitman and was really looking forward to this, I do like the game but was hoping for a bit more A.I than constantly having to swear at the stupid ally who stands in the line of fire. However playing it on co-op last night was a lot more fun and the HEAT style shootout in the streets and the COLLATERAL style shootout in the club was a nice touch. Not sure if i can be bothered playing again through the campaign again on solo for a while though. If u cant get link up or internet and your split screen is on anything less than a 40" i'd get something else......like a wireless guitar game ;)

  8.  Disappointing


    No light sabres.....
    No comparison.

    I spent hours running back and forth talking to people and not enough time in combat, perhaps i've spent too much time on rainbow six and recon since KOTOR2, but i was a massive fan of baldurs gate and icewind dale and both the old republic games but this just didnt grab me at all, i've since got kane and lynch and my blood thirst is satisfied ;)