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  1.  Brutally brilliant.


    This is not for those of you video game players who like a game to hold your hand all the way through. You will die. A lot. The game is difficult, for sure. But overcoming this harsh difficulty and succeeding is thoroughly rewarding, and feels like you have truly accomplished something. The graphics are gorgeous, combat is tactical and the game is very addictive. Requires skill, perseverance and dogged determination to play and master. If you lack in these... the game will beat you instead.

  2.  If you've got the right mindset, you'll love it!


    Ok, do not but this film if you're looking for a coherent, logical story. Do not buy this film if you're looking for overwhelming depth and true-to-life characters.
    This film is about sexy super ninjas fighting everything and anything you can practically imagine. Giant samurais? Check. Dragons? Check. Cyborg nazis? Check! It's batshit insane, erotic and pure crazy fun, and that's why I love it.

  3.  Must-buy


    With truly unique cell shaded graphics, a cool setting and excellent co-op, what more do you want?

  4.  Pure fun!


    Quite literally the funnest game I played in 2011, and has subsequently gotten me really interested in the W40K universe. With the free Terminatus DLC (Arena Survival), excellent customisation and an interesting story, you can't go wrong for the price.