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  1.  Great Little Fan


    I have this on my desk at work. Its very good quality and the fan itself is alot better than I expected. With the fan 2 feet away I can still feel it.
    I definately recommend it.

  2.  HBO Does it again!!


    Yet again HBO has released another superb series. Generation Kill gives a true account of life in Iraq, with many of its stars being ex-marines who have served in Iraq. The show really gives you a feeling that your really there with its excellent choice of camera angles. This is one show you should see!! Buy it you won't regret it.

  3.  Absolutely Amazing


    I received this TV today, and have found it instantly amazing. The sounds is excellent, and the picture is amazing. I definitely recommend this TV to everyone.

  4.  Great Music..Poor Editing


    I really like this album, but there is 1 thing that really annoys me, and thats the editing. The album tracks dont fade together, each track ends with about a 3 second silent pause between them. Gets very annoying when the next track is supposed to follow on exactly where the previous left off.

  5.  Not Great


    I have one of these, but in the black colour.
    The signal isnt that good, it disconnects a lot. Also the speed isnt too good. And if your planning on getting this to use on a train, I wouldnt bother. Its pretty much useless.

  6.  Absolute Classic (TOGA, TOGA, TOGA!)


    This movie is 1 hour 46mins of pure fun and mayhem. This DVD is a definate must own for anyone of any age, especially as it stars some of the best comedy actors of all time most famous being John Belushi from the Blues Brothers. The movie itself was driected by John Landis which is another reason to buy.

    If your a fan of teen movies like American Pie or Road Trip etc, you will see that those really cannot compare to this.

  7.  Very Good Movie


    A remake of "The Longest Yard (aka The Mean Machine)". But to say its a remake its a very good movie, that also stars the main character from the original (Burt Reynolds). I do recommend that you see this movie.

  8.  Mindless Entertainment


    Lets face it, Demolition Man isnt Stalones best movie, but it does keep you entertained. You could watch this movie over and over, you may know whats coming but you would watch it again. And for the price of it on here why not.

  9.  Very Good Movie


    I saw this movie for the first time last night while on night shift, I started to watch the movie not realising the length of the movie, it got 90mins in and i had to flip the disc, but don't let that put you off that its 3hours long. The Movie was great, kept me entertained most the night, kept me awake, and made my night go quicker.

    The problem with this film was the last 15-20mins, it was an appalling way to end the movie, seemed rushed to me, like he wasn't sure how to end or he ran out of time.

    If it wasn't for that ending I would have given the movie an 8/10 but because of it i award 7/10

  10.  Great Movies


    These are great movies, best being the Breakfast club.
    Little warning: These DVDs come in one big case not in individual cases, and they dont fit very well so they come lose in post so the disks get scratched.