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  1.  Too Dark!


    It adds a dark tint to the screen, I assumed that i'd just not peeled off all the layers but I had. Very disappointing, it makes playing games with dark lighting very difficult. In the end I threw it away.

  2.  Bluetooth Aerial?


    This laptop is (almost) everything I expected performance-wise etc, it's been flawless so far. However, I thought i'd gone insane when I tried to transfer a file by bluetooth to my phone only to find that (regardless of the laptop having the software for bluetooth) the laptop doesn't have a built-in bluetooth aerial. I know they're only a few quid to buy as a dongle but it seems pretty odd to be missing what is by now a basic piece of technology on any other computer. Please correct me if i'm wrong - I hope there is one in here somewhere.

  3.  Pointless


    Not 10 minutes into the game did lara do the famous tomb raider glitch of disappearing into the wall, and then she got stuck there when she remembered she is supposed to be a corporeal entity. The game play is far too easy to both figure out and perform. It only has 8 levels, short levels at that when compared to the 18 long, challenging, fulfilling levels of tomb raider 2 etc, which drives me insane to think i paid the equivalent of £5 per level. It's only 720p resolution, probably dumbed down so they can splash it over every format going. There is no trophy support when the 360 version has achievements. She spontaneously breaks her neck by bumping into an object. She cannot survive a 2m drop landing on her feet, which i have seen small chavs do from park play ground apparatus. The game doesn't make use of the sixaxis like uncharted does; instead it uses the analogue stick. There are no boss fights, despite having ample opportunity to work in some decent ones (i shan't spoil the plot there but you will see what i mean). The storyline is predictable and does not tell you anything you could not infer from the trailers. Then finally it's not even lip-synced!