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  1.  A Clever Fantasy


    What does Babydoll (Emily Browning) really have to do to change her life and the life of her friends? Who will escape from this life and be free? With help from each other, those who have to play their part to make it happen, the five friends will work something out.
    Great pieces of music in this movie.

  2.  A Funny Movie.


    This is a very funny movie about time travel. Three friends visit their usual pub and meet Cassie who brightens their life. Science Fiction or Sifi? Love it or hate it, youll really enjoy this.

  3.  Brilliant !


    Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! This is a great animation. If you havent already bought this movie buy it. Youll love it. Children and adults alike. Meet them all Carl, Ellie, Russell, Dug, Kevin, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega, Snipes, Charles Muntz, Paradise Falls, Spirit of Adventure and more, much more. Find out who/what they are and what theyre about. Five stars and more.

    Bonus features included are two short movies, Partly Cloudy and Dugs Special Mission. There is also a movie on,The Visit to the Real Paradise Falls.

  4.  Captivating


    Angela is a tv reporter she and Pablo (camera man) are on a mission to film a fire crew while they work their shift through the night for a show called, While You Are Asleep. The fire crew are called out to attend to an elderly lady who seems to be in some kind of trouble. Pablo cannot turn off the camera he wants to finish the job. Angela is intent on doing her tv work no matter how scared she is. Something or someone is trying their utmost to prevent them from doing so, something evil. Can it be stopped? A lip biting movie.

    The movie is in Spanish with English subtitles.

  5.  It's all in the titles.


    Max and Roxanne want to open a shop together but money is really scarce. A plan is set to get them some money with help from two associates. The horrors soon start and everyone involved are soooooo spooked with everything to fear and it's all to do with David. Who is this boy? What is this boy and is it all worth it in the end?

    Some students find out that their dormitory used to be a mental asylum and that people were horrifically experimented on by a deranged physician. The doctor is back to his old tricks again, trying to take down (those who he thinks are) his patients one by one.

    The Deaths of Ian Stone.
    Ian seems to be very happy with his life with Jenny so why should it change? Change it certainly does, not once, not twice, not even three times. Will it ever stop? What does he have to do to make it stop? It's what you dream about in your nightmares! How many ways must he die? A really clever movie and story line and great special effects.

  6.  Full of comedy.


    Little Nicky is one of the sons of the devil and his mother is an angel. The devil has ruled on his land for 10,000 years and feels that he is dieing. The devil wants Little Nicky to rule in his place but before he can, Little Nicky needs to bring back his two brothers who's escaped to wreak havock on earth. In the meantime Little Nicky falls in love.

  7.  Scared witless.


    Disc one.
    It's surprising what can actually happpen when you're a tourist in another country and Australia is no exception. A horrific story based on true events. Would you go backpacking after you've seen this horror movie?
    Disc two.
    The making of wolf creek, deleted scenes and meet Mick Taylor, the captor.
    No subtitles for the hearing impaired on either disc.

  8.  Gorgeous


    A beautiful lemon shade to this tee shirt with a pink/white heart. Nicely made and launders well.

  9.  A brilliant take on "A Christmas Carol"


    This magical movie is taken from the book "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. It is played by Jim Hensons "Muppets" and is narrated by Gonzo. Ebenezer Scrooge (played by Michael Caine) is visited by the ghosts of present, past and future on Christmas Eve to try and make him change his tight fisted ways. It is brilliantly acted by all the characters including the great comic Rizzo.

    Bonus features: Bloopers and a profile of Gongo.

  10.  The really scarey twosome.


    The Exorcist.
    25th Anniversary Edition.
    Based on a true story from 1949. Linda, a twelve year old possessed girl goes through an exorcism. Prayer and priest doesn't seem to be able to help her. A horrendous scary film made in the 1970's.

    The Shining.
    A couple and their son become caretakers in a very large hotel during the winter. Danny (their son) is often found playing on his own, or is he? It's very cold and snow is falling (as it does), covers the ground and surrounds the hotel. A lonely eerie setting for the movie. Jack is a writer and gets quite upset when he can't get on with his novel. A brilliant performance from Jack Nicholson coping (or not) through the festive season. Full of scarey scenes.
    Also included: The Making of The Shining by Vivian Kubrick.