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  1.  Mall Man Rocks!


    When I first saw this film it reminded me of the classic comedy movies of the Eighties like Ghostbusters, Robocop, and Anchorman.

    I read that the guy who plays Paul Blart used to be real security guard and it really comes through in his performance - much like Ricky Gervais ability to reflect the comedic side of working in an office, in that TV show - cant remember what it was called though?

    I laughed for about 90 mins straight, then put this film on, and it didnt disappoint.

    So buy it, watch it, then watch it again. Make some dinner, check the internet, and watch it a third time, possibly falling asleep, as it was a long day at work, and your boss was moaning at you again, but its all because of that guy who works on the third floor who keeps making mistakes.

    Heres to a sequel, and heres to Paul Blart - that crazy, crazy mall man.

  2.  Awesome!!!


    They say you can't judge a book by it's cover - but in this case, I am willing to make an exception, as it clearly looks like the greatest film ever made!!!

    This film has everything you could want from a Hollywood Blockbuster, and as soon as I find someone who has bought it, I will borrow it off them and enjoy!

    Garrrrrr! (That's the noise the Giant Octopus would make if he were here right now!)

  3.  Counting Crows Rock, Baby!!!


    Let's face it; this album will be fab!

    The Counting Crows could put a shopping list to music and it would be ace!

    Roll on March

  4.  Word to your Mother, Homie!


    This shows rocks!

    I don't really know what they're saying half the time as I don't sell drugs or stay in 'The Projects'; but don't let that put you off!

    It's Da Bomb!....

    ....(That's a good thing; according to some cool kids in the show!)

  5.  Pants


    After watching this, I wrote a strongly worded letter to Hilary Swank demanding my money back!....

    ...I am still awaiting her response!