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  1.  not a bourne film .... just bad in every way


    ok im clearly watching something different to every one else and please stop reading as i may spoil it for some
    there was no need for it to be a bourne film over that they knew it was not great so to pull people in ...put it part as bourne series.

    storyline: new super human with better abilitys.... the stop them from needing to take tablets that make them super...they go to a lab and do it... next main assassin set out to kill main person also with special tablets to make him amazing
    well the bot are h rubbish the main guy gets shot and passes out and the guy chases him get hit with a helmet and well .. dies

    no storyline worthwile saying jason bourne 3-4 times in the film does not make it a bourne film

    (the original bourne films our my alltime fav films so this is a insult to its name )

    terrible fim

  2.  welll were to start .... black ops .....i mean battlefield


    well the game is good dont get me wrong but think they have stolen a few ideas off of black ops SPOILER ...... being questioned ect...
    as for gameplay single play is about the same length as black ops before anyone says you cant compair this to cod ....I CAN because what did we all love about battlefield..... getting a tank, van ect and driving through a building to avoid a tank ect but this seems to be gone ...

    the damage system is not great and the single player seems buggy .... trying to shoot through a gap in a wall and noting happens .. shooting through glass and nothing is happerning (whats happened????) its lost its orginality and become a extention of cod

    multiplayer ..... is the reason it gets 4 stars as its is still amazing..

    overal the rumors were true what we saw on the video was from a high end pc ..., what we get as console owners is the run off version by that i mean just the top layer....

    bit dissapointed ....expected more

  3.  best one by far


    3d amazing best yet
    film is great by does dragg a little

  4.  l.a snore


    ok game is good but o.m.g its the same thing time and time again go to a crime scene look around then spend the next hour asking people if they did it yet the facial expressions are good but come on people gta and red dead were amazing and you could do so much l.a noire would be 50x better if was fully sandboxed and better detecive work .....
    imhalf way through the game and its getting to much of the same :(
    i will update with overal verdict once complete

  5.  original and brilliant


    let me just say you can take this films from so many angles ( by that i mean so many stories in one film)

    this film is mind blowing and amazing
    just buy it and see what i mean



    this film is so funny ... well ok not all of it is good but most is and the comedy is class
    p diddy funny as anything and seeing him stroke a furry wall is well worth the money alone
    i never liked russle brand untill this and now think he is quite good..

    reassons to buy
    furry walls
    mind Fing

    watch to find out what i mean

  7.  play tv


    This sounds great ... If i do this will my play tv still work as someone said it messed theres up
    Many thanks



    This game is a must buy i cant stop playing tag on it.... If any one has got this and wants to play tag add me....rexyrex
    Anyway amazing game everyone should own this

  9.  GUYVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Wow i love this film aint seen it for ages will have to buy when i get some money.....play why dont you sell the second one .... That one was good as well
    Go guyver !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10.  WHAT A GAME


    Omg this is a good game. When i started to play it i was thinking the same as the guy that put 3 stars ... But then wow once you get into the flow of things its amazing sneeking to a high point and shootong a gas canister. Then watching as it spins round setting alight to everything in its path burning the hole security station down and watching in joy as a ammo crate catches fire sending bullets flying killing most of the bad guys and shot me a couple of times..... I have plaid a wew missions not many as im just hunting out dimons and exploring.. Get this game if only for the fire effects. So much fun to be had hear... Hint in must safe houses you find there are new wepons... Be warned though they jam alot