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  1.  The Classic Original


    Classic Film with various quality sequels,with Arnie turning from bad guy to good guy in Termie 2 (prob the best sequel) but nothing touches the original. If you cant wait for the UK release You can seek out the region one US version, ( Cat No. M122804) which actually plays on my samsung player which isnt multi region (despite the disc being region A ( according to the info on the packaging), its a unique hard back book type pakage with about a dozen or more pages of info on the cast and making of the film, with photos etc,and also got 7 deleted scenes and a couple of other extras, No way of knowing if the UK release will be same, but be aware its the US release so might not play but as i say my copy plays fine, anyways just a possible alternative, either way classic, enjoy it..

  2.  Sony LCS CSVE Nice but No Belt Loop


    This camera case from Sony is quite stylish, apperars to be made of a textured (machined) leather, so its not really a "soft leather" case, its quite rigid with the front and back reinforced, as well as the front flap, so would protect your camera quite well, the front flap is magnetic, so no little stud to fiddle with ,
    Main issue is that this case has NO BELT LOOP. ie it does not have a loop on the back to pass your belt through, is has instead a small loop just inside the case which acc to the illistrations on the rear of the packaging is for passing your camera strap through, so you then have the case dangelling from your wrist when you take a picture, i guess that keeps your camera and case together, but it does not have the conventional belt loop,
    this case is quite smallish A Sony DSC WX5 fits quite snugley, its well lined, and also comes with a Sony Camera hand strap (colour matched to the case)
    case comes in ass colours (price seems dependant on the colour)
    would have rated it higher but thought it had a Belt Loop as stated, nice case though if You want it in your pocket/bag etc...

  3.  Stunning Vegas Show in HD


    I saw this show in Vegas and i have also reviewed it for the standard DVD release, as far as this Blu Ray version is concerned its a clone of the DVD, but obviously with high definition, viewed on full 1080p resolution and with the 5.1 surround (2 channel optional) sound., it really makes the whole show jump out at you, the HD picture is very much better than the DVD version as youd expect.
    The lighting, dancers costumes, beautiful sets,and the theartre, all look vibrant and scaringly sharp.
    The extras on the discs are the same as the DVD version, the "All Access" option is the full show but with added and behind the scenes footage running in real time with the show, so you get to see, the dancers, musicians, technicians, runners, lighting cues. sound mix, and all the other stuff which is happening, far from being midly boring you can actually enjoy the show all be it with a bit of split screen, mostly behind the scenes footage, its quite an eye opener to see all the elements that come together and the timing involved, and then you can watch the show again from the "normal" audience point of view both versions are on the discs, theres also other extras "tribute to the fans, fans from around the world some coming to the show etc, and "a new day the secrets" an insight into the ideas behind the show from planning to building the purpose built colloseum theatre in Ceasers Palace, rehearsals, etc.
    If you've got the gear for Blu Ray this is really worth it stunning both visually and in sound, the DVD version is great but with this type of lavish multi million dollar cutting edge tech production , in the Blu Ray format it becomes another beast.
    When you have the perfect picture, sound, theartre, visual effects, artist (subjective), eye candy athletic dancers, an adoring audience, and all the love in the building, how do you better it all?. well you cant really, just enjoy it.
    Amazing Vegas show (now finished Dec 07) if you were one of the millions who saw it in Vegas then re-live it, if not then live it asap ...

  4.  Celine In Ceasers Palace Vegas Pure Class


    Ive seen this show in Las Vegas and its one of the most visual productions staged anywhere, if this DVD is able to capture the different moods and very clever lighting and effects that is produced live then its a must see,
    The show itself is a very visual experience, the rear wall of the stage is one huge LCD screen which is used to great effect, along with spectacular dancers, costumes, and wonderfull sometimes emotional effects.
    And Celine herself does all this high tech production proud, this show is not just about Celine singing a few songs she really seems to be enjoying every moment and pushes herself into every song with a passion.
    This show has been playing in Vegas for a few years now and the theartre is magnificent , perfectly matched and created for this show, its not just a Celine concert its a complete audio visual treat, a Celine fan or not this is a spectacular show.
    Not sure if this DVD release of the show will do it justice, but if the DVD can capture part of it then its well worth it, The extras on the DVD should give an insight into how its all done, but make sure you watch the show first . Pure Class