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  1.  On par with The Dark Knight.


    Christopher Nolan had a lot of pressure when it came to doing the conclusion of his incredible Batman trilogy, and he could have messed this up after The Dark Knight set the bar so high. Let me say this, he didn't. He ended on a high which is only fitting to such a trilogy!

    1st of all my primary concern was Bane not being able to compete with the challenge of The Joker. That was quickly put to rest as Bane delievers, and he delivers hard.
    Though he is a much more level headed villan than the Joker, his physical presence alone was enough to put my mind at ease that he wasn't going to make things easy for the bat. Then we have his mind set, and how nothing is going to stop him from destroying anything and everything in his path. His impressive bulk combined with his cold intentions make him a threat not to be taken lightly. Also, through the film, regardless of whats happening around him, he maintains an unusually calm manner and tone of his voice. He may not be as mentally unstable as the joker, but he is certainly on par in terms of presence.

    Then we have Catwoman. I have never been a big fan of the character in any of the other films we've seen her in but this was different. Cheesy one liners aside she was brilliant. A perfect counter part to the bat.

    Now onto Bruce Wayne, The Batman himself. I found myself actually worrying for him through the film. Seeing how he had deteriorated since his outing, into a frail man who is aiming to stay away from trouble in this time of peace, makes you wonder how he will manage to take on the mighty Bane. That question is answered in their first encounter.

    The story is incredible, where Banes aim is to plunge Gotham city into a state of anarchy. Everyone in this is expendable. With incredilbe visual effects and characters you'll be on the edge of your seat all the way through.

    You're also left with a much more, emotional Dark Knight movie from what we have seen so far with everyone from Alfred to Lucious getting pulled into the drama. This is Batman going full circle. This is the conclusion the trilogy deserves. And with twists and turns and plenty of action and drama all the way through, I can't understand how anyone could not like this film!

    Bravo Nolan, you indeed made the Dark Knight Rise above and beyond out expextations! 5/5!

  2.  This one sat on the self a little too long.


    It's great seeing The Men In Black back on the screen after so many years but there in lies the problem too. It's been so long since the second installment that people have pretty much lost interest. With all the big hitters coming out this year I think that this was completly over shadowed.

    The film itself is average. And like the new American Pie, once the novelty of seeing these guys back together wears off you're left with a very mediocre film. It provides a bit of a back story into our heroes but that wasn't enough to save the film from a boring villain and average story.

    Worth a watch if you're a fan but just don't let your expectations get too high. Sorry guys you were just about 8 years too late with this one!

  3.  Every bit Tim Burton, not at his best though.


    I am not, by any means, Tim Burtons greatest fan but I do enjoy his films. I felt a bit mislead with this title as the trailers suggested it was a full on comedy, I can tell you this, it is not.

    It does have funny moments but that is not the main aim of the film.

    It is a typical dark, gothy, quirky Tim Burton movie but not him on his best form.
    The visuals were fantastic and Depp was incredible as per usual, as was the supporting cast. The story was solid and interesting, though it did have some pointless revelations in it. The mansion is very up Burtons street as is the town.

    There isn't a lot wrong with this film but it just lacks something that his other films provided. Maybe it is just a case of after so many years following the same formula, his films are just loosing their edge. I don't find anything new in them these days, and though they are still enjoyable, they just aren't anything to write home about.

  4.  Exactly what you want.


    There is nothing bad about this movie in terms of action, humour and acting but in my opinion it was missing something.
    Well 1st of all I didn't think this movie had any faults, it was action packed and incredibly funny. They used all four of the main heroes well, without being biased to any of them and giving them all fairly equal screen time.

    Stark provided most of the comic relief as usual but there were incredible moments from Hulk and the others. The visuals were amazing and Loki was once again a formidable enemy. This is the movie you were hoping for and it is every bit of the movie it should have been but it had 1 very small issue from my view.

    It lacked what it's rival, DC, always provides. A sense of danger for the heroes. Marvel always seems a bit to neat and family friendly, though Loki was incredible I never once felt like our heroes were in any real danger.

    That is the only reason I don't give this, Marvels greatest film to date, a 5 star review.

  5.  Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2


    Flawless game play and graphics brilliant story line and some good cut scenes (the one in space is amazing.) A phenomenal ending to the campaign. Challenging special ops missions and endless online fun. I don't think the game can be faulted to be fair! The only downside being the people who play it online and do nothing but constantly camp. If you can overlook these annoying 'gamers' then your in for a real treat online as well as offline. 10/10

  6.  Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.


    I'm not a massive C&C fan the main reason I got this game is because a friend wanted me to try it. I'm glad he did. Very challenging game with loads of online potential. Great fun! And at 7.99 you can't go wrong.

  7.  Final Fantasy XIII


    At first I thought like many others did that this Final Fantasy was a flop BUT I was wrong. The first few hours of game play are pretty dull and boring and could easily put you off playing on but I highly reccomend you don't give up and you give this game a fair chance. You wont be dissapointed. I have been a Final Fantasy fan for years and having played just about every FF there is I can safely say that this does not dissapoint and it lives up to the FF name. First of all the graphics are absolutley fantastic from the epic cut scenes to the lay out of your surroundings. The characters are dull at first but as the game progresses and you allow their sotries to develop you can't help but grow to love them. The battle system is fairly clever as you can't just run in and hack your way through every battle. You need to experiment with the different classes and see what works for you and the battle at hand. The leveling up gets a bit tedious nearer to the end as you need to collect masses of points to get say a HP+100 sphere. But all in all Square Enix took another risk and provided us with yet another epic Final Fantasy which takes players to another world. Also stop comparing this to FFVII we all know nothing will compete with FFVII so stop comparing all the other FF games to it and just enjoy them for what they are, this game has a deep and moving story and if you give it a chance you could end up loveing it too. 10/10 game.

  8.  Consider them your final notice.


    I was pleasently suprised with this film. Jude Law delivers a fantastic performance as a repo man in a futuristic and gritty world where if you can't afford repayments on an organ you have recieved to keep you alive the repo men come and take it back regardless of what happens to you with out it. Forest Whitaker also delivers a brilliant performance as Judes partner and fellow repo man. The story is solid with great performances and pretty good fight scenes and it leads up to a shock ending. I reccomend you try this film out, you wont regret it.

  9.  The Saboteur.


    Maybe one of the most under rated games in recent times. Think Assassins Creed meets GTA set in a nazi occupied Paris. You can climb anything and drive anything to help you in setting Paris free from the nazis while also taking your revenge. A nice touch whith the graphics where occupied areas are in black and white and liberated areas are in colour. A good story line, good characters and fairly straight forward achivements. A good play for anyone.

  10.  Family Guy Season 8.


    Absolutley brilliant season. Full of amazing episodes including one of my favourites 'I Dream Of Jesus' well worth getting for fans and new comers alike.