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  1.  watch if you like violent martial art movies with knives


    Loved this film and with a sequel in the pipeline I can't wait. Anyway to sum up the movie cops go into building cops get trapped and then the following happens...shoot bang bang hack kick smash argghhhh punch kick slash smash sniper kills cut stab jump punch kick elbow strike to the face/gut/knee cut stab cut slash slash high speed slash smash arghhhh brutal novelty kill cut cut slash the end.
    It's great I own the blue ray ltd edition and I watched it at the cinema.

  2.  im a reacher-creature and that means I love the books


    Ok I'll keep this as simple as I can. I love the books I've read them all, some are great, some aren't but none are bad. Now did I want tom cruise for the role of the giant battle scarred 6'5" man killing ex military police major jack reacher? No. But the fact is tom cruise makes great movies and I like tom so I gave him his "one shot" and for me even though he'll never be the jack from the books he yet again made a great movie. Its a thriller more than an action movie though the action is good as you would expect and all the actors are great in this. Christopher mcquarrie pulls off a master stroke in my opinion as within the movie the scene at the beginning on what the story is about is revisited in brutal detail later on and for some at the cinema I was at found this to be quite emotional and I actually saw someone cry. So its amusing and its tense and it's thrilling and may be one of tom's more underrated roles and the more enjoyable to watch for it. Is it worth 20 quid on blue ray? Well are any nowadays? But it's definitely worth seeing in my opinion especially as Christopher mcquarrie was also responsible for the usual suspects another excellent film. I actually hope they make another though which one it would be I can only imagine as it would need to be cherry picked to suit tom's stature.
    Watch it you won't be disappointed and true reacher fans of which I call myself one you need to chill out as this might be the only reacher film you see on the screen and it wasn't that bad and realistically who in hollywood could physical really play jack reacher while being a believable actor? I would love to see a 6'5" man warrior detective who can also act but who is there out there that fits the bill?
    Just watch it it's good.

  3.  awesome!


    why Bay gets bashed I have no idea. This film is awsome and it does what it says on the tin. Its a film about giant robots fighting with fantastic action sequences. It is not a Shakespearean play about metallic thespians discussing the intricacies of social order and party politics so why some people expect more from Bay regarding plot, acting and fx usage is ridiculous, he really has done the best he can with a story about giant homeless robots. I for one loved every minute of it and the last hour was brilliant at the cinema especially the flying sequence with the special forces. I cant wait to buy it on blue ray and im genuinely dissapointed that Bay wont do another though rumour has it Spielberg may take over film making responsibilities for a 4Th.