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  1.  Same as the US release


    For anyone wondering, this is the same as the recent US release.

    Audio Commentary with director/co-writer Dominique Othenin-Girard, actress Danielle Harris, and actor Jeffrey Landman
    Audio Commentary with actor Don Shanks and author Justin Beahm
    "Halloween 5: On The Set" featurette (16:17)
    Halloween 5: Original Promo (5:50)
    Theatrical Trailer (0:36)
    Subtitles English SDH and Spanish
    Aspect Ratio:1.85:1
    Soundtrack English Dolby TrueHD 5.1

  2.  Same as US release


    For anyone wondering, this is the same as the recent US release.

    Audio Commentary with actresses Ellie Cornell and Danielle Harris
    Audio Commentary with director Dwight H. Little and author Justin Beahm
    Halloween 4/5 Discussion Panel (18:27)
    Theatrical Trailer
    Subtitles English SDH and Spanish
    Aspect Ratio 1.85:1
    Soundtrack English Dolby TrueHD 5.1

  3.  Beautiful Steelbook


    This is a beautiful Steelbook. It's embossed/debossed, just like the recent Mission Impoosible Ghost Protocol, and has a nice glossy finish. The inside art is black and white concept art.

    The contents of the disc are the same as the previous release.

    Highly recommended, especially at this price.

  4.  Nice Steelbook. Lacking Extras..


    A very nice Play exclusive steelbook. Very clean to look at. No BBFC certificates, no disc contents on the back just the film credits list at the bottom, and has inside art. There's no embossing, which would have been nice. It's Region BC and comes with a Dvd copy of the film too. great for the price.

    For some reason this UK Disc appears to be missing the 2 commentaries that the US Disc has. Other than that, no complaints, it's a great film and looks and sounds even better on Blu-ray. It's also the slightly longer HARDER CUT of the film, so that's good. Highly recommended.

  5.  Excellent Blu-ray - Not-as-good film


    This is a well put together blu-ray. The extras are in hd and are enjoyable. The picture is amazingly clear and it has excellent audio.

    I didn't really enjoy the film, i wanted it to be more like the other three. Gophers, fridge, swinging on vines, truck in tree, and some pretty bad dialogue were my main problem. Maybe i'll get used to it and enjoy it more next time i watch the film.

    To those who asked; there is no digital copy.

  6.  Not Bad Film, Poor 1080i Blu-ray


    For anyone interested, TRACKER on Blu-ray comes with a 1080i picture, instead of the usual 1080p full HD.
    The picture is inconsistent. It's soft, at times looks out of focus and occasionally even has a little jitter. It looks mostly like up-scaled Dvd.
    It's a pitty, as this film has beautiful scenery which would benefit from full HD.

    The disc has HD Master Audio, a Commentary, short making-of, Trailer and 25 minute selection of the score.

    Just thought I'd let anyone interested know in advance about the picture.
    If a Blu-ray is going to be anything other than Full HD, then it should be clearly advertised as such. I wouldn't have bought it if I'd known.

  7.  Loved it!


    I wanted to see this because it was the first John Landis film in some time, but I wasn't really expecting it to be very good. I'm glad to say I really enjoyed it.
    The film looks good with great locations, giving good atmosphere, has a good score, has some really good laughs and is all round good fun with a lot of familiar faces showing up throughout. If you're a John Landis fan you should really enjoy it.

    I'm Scottish and thought the cast did a good job with the accents too.

    The Blu-ray looks and sounds great. There's an hour of on-set interviews with cast and crew. Deleted scenes and outtakes.
    I was really disappointed though that there was no John Landis commentary, or any commentary.

    All-in-all a good film that should have been a hit.

  8.  Good quality Disney Mouse Mat


    Not much to say really. It's a good quality mouse mat/pad at a good price.

    It has good underside grip and the top surface is of good quality and feels like it'll last.

    I would definitely recommend it.

  9.  Get one!!!!!


    I've had mine for a few weeks now and am really happy with it. It replaced my HD700x.

    At first I wasn't happy with the picture as it just didn't look right, so I changed the HDMI cable and was instantly amazed. The difference going from the 700x to this is a huge leap, I couldn't he happier. The 700x is an excellent projector, but if you can afford it, I'd recommend you spend the extra on this one.

    It's bigger than the 700x, maybe about the size of a PS3, and it looks better than it's little brother.

    It's surprisingly quieter than the 700. And it blows out less heat too, so another improvement.

    Projecting from the same position as before I get a slightly larger picture, now almost filling my screen.

    Overall, I highly recommend the 200x. I would suggest that anyone thinking of getting one, get a screen too. Projecting onto a wall is fine, but a screen makes a huge difference and brings the picture to life.

  10.  Excellent Projector


    This is an excellent projector. It looks amazing projecting HD sources, and also looks good projecting non-HD sources.
    The picture settings look fine right out of the box, but after a short while you'll find yourself making slight adjustments to get it just as you like it.

    My screen pulls down in front of the window, which reduces any light hitting it, and I find that I get a nice bright picture any time of the day.

    The projector is small, and comes with a good selection of cables, but unfortunately no HDMI cable, but they can be found cheaply so isn't a problem.
    Setting up the projector takes no time at all, connect the power cable and the picture source cable and you're off.

    My only gripe is that you have to have it a certain distance from the screen to get the desired picture size (minimal zoom). My old projector has a good zoom, which means I could adjust the picture size greatly by a simple adjustment of the lense.

    Overall I highly recommend the HD700x.