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  1.  Do not purchase.


    Where to start.
    Battery: terrible.
    Accuracy and responsiveness of touch screen: terrible.
    Speed: fair at times.

    Okay, so about 4/5 years ago I had a Sony Ericcson which at the press of a button would transfer images and videos from the internal memory over to the SD card. This isn't the case with this phone, you manually have to transfer the files. Very annoying. Another complaint about the internal memory is the fact that it's too low to update the software. Once the internal memory is full, you also cannot access the media files to delete them, therefore the only way to make space on your phone is to manually go into the files via the PC and delete them that way. For battery, I need to have a charger in my car and in work to keep the battery at green. When it hits yellow, it's a swift decline to the battery being dead.

    Texting is horrible, some letters overwrite each other because the phone cannot keep up with the speed my friends or I text at. When I receive a text, there's a little notification at the top left of the screen. This disappears after you read the LATEST unread text. So that means if you have an unread message that you received before another text that you HAVE read, this notification doesn't display, therefore you do not know you have received a text before the most up to date text. This is a problem for times when you need your phone on silent. It's a little complicated I know, but I've missed important texts due to this little notification not displaying when I have an unread message.

    I can go on, so I'll leave it there. Please do not purchase this phone, it's defective as a whole in my opinion. I can't even find anything that's good about it, it's just got bad aspects of the essentials in a typical smart phone.

  2.  Brilliant!


    This mug is perfect! Great size, and luckily enough it's designed so that all of your cup of tea/coffee doesn't get stuck in the ridges! :)

    Warning: do not drink out of it quickly, especially near the end of the drink!

  3.  Great quality.


    I've had this wallet for about 2 months now and it's absolutely perfect. The stitching has remained intact and there's plenty of room for cards. There're a total of 6 slots for (credit/debit) cards to be held in, and there's space for more than one card too. If you need to store something a little bigger, there are two additional pockets behind where the cards sit. The opening is located near the center of the wallet.

    Just for the record, the dimentions are:
    4.5" x 3.75"
    11.8mm x 9.4mm

  4.  Great mouse!


    Bought this mouse about a month ago and had a little play with it on different game platforms. I have to say it's very good! Accurate, fast and reliable, definitelly recommended. The only thing that brings this down is the location of the 6 extra buttons. The sensitivity button is easily misclicked and the other 4 are in an awkward position, I'd much rather my thumb do the work, but the buttons aren't reachable. Great mouse though!

  5.  Second book and still hungry for more!


    This book was great, you continuously learn about Larten, discovering things which relate back to the Darren Shan saga, my only problem with this book is the title. The title doesn't really reflect the book, as there's nothing about "Oceans of Blood" until near the end of the book. But still, brilliant book, loved it!

  6.  Brilliant entrance!


    I picked this book up about a month or less ago, and I have to say it was a great introduction to the new series. It has everything you want in a Darren Shan book, but I do believe it'd be best to read the original Darren Shan saga first, then you get more of a feel and recognition with the characters, especially the protagonist, Larten Crepsley. A must buy for all of the Darren Shan fans out there. My friend's borrowed the book from me and he's already powered his way through it, saying it's another great book. Loving this saga already, brilliant buy!

  7.  Best buy for your money.


    I received this mouse on the 8th February 2010, and have used it pretty much daily since! It's easily one of the most reliable and smooth gaming mice for your money. Right now my mouse still doesn't have any deficiencies. The only thing I can criticise about this mouse is that it's a little heavy and difficult to do very quick and precise mouse movements in a small amount of time. But, this mouse is definitelly a huge recommendation!