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  1.  Still Very Much Enjoyable! I Actually Love It! ^^


    I'll freely admit now that I'm a 28 year old female woman with no children who absolutely enjoys every single one of the Barbie animated movies out there, so this one is definately of no exception to that rule...The wonderful heavily friendship themed & focused storyline of this movie is next to none as ever & always in the emotional stakes, thrown in with all the magic, wonder & sheer fab girlieness of a mystical world of fairies...Barbie's supporting character "rival" Racquelle in my opinion ends up stealing the whole show, Barbie's 2 fashion stylist fairy freinds & Ken are also very highly amusing with a load of funny comedic quotes throughout from them...I was pleasantly surprised in the end after hearing by word of mouth & reading so many other bad reviews from others...I'm just glad that I ended up really liking it in the end! ^^

  2.  Super Girlie & Super Fun All The Way! ^^


    I'll freely admit now that I'm a 28 year old female woman with no children who absolutely enjoys every single one of the Barbie animated movies out there, so this latest new addition to the Barbie movie franchise was of no exception...Barbie as Blair Willows portrays such an inspirational young girl character in a highly enjoyable rags to riches & emotionally charged storyline with some great music & even greater supporting characters, such as her little sister Emily and the lovely dog Prince...It made me cry at the end & is definately one of my more favourite of all the Barbie movies so far to date, it's kind of a wonderful similar mix of both The Princess Diaries & Anastasia thrown together...A huge thumbs up from me! ^^

  3.  CLEVER!!! WITTY!!! GENIUS!!! ^^


    Ok, so I'm not the biggest fan of Ricky Gervais himself, never have been & never will be really, but he's ok in small doses, so when I first heard about & came across this funny looking animated version of his original podcasts in a radio station studio alongside Stephen Merchant & Karl Pilkington (both of whom I absolutely love to bits anyway), I just couldn't resist as I really like the fact that each of them have been animated Hannah-Barbera-esque style whilst providing the voiceovers throughout, it's very endearing & super enjoyable to watch to say the least, and boy was I cracking up with laughter the entire time! A really worthwhile purchase indeed! A must for all fans (and not-so-big fans) of Ricky & Co. alike! ^^



    Me & my fiance finally got round to buying & watching this funny as hell show on DVD lately as we never got the chance to see it on Sky 1 when it was first aired as we both don't have Sky in either of our rooms at our own houses but had heard so many good things about it from both online sources & friends...Karl Pilkington is so adorably clueless, blatently unenthusiastic, scared & petrified as anything & simply hilarious throughout every single one of his Wonders Of The World journeys that Ricky & Stephen send him on (I've always been a big fan of Stephen Merchant more than Ricky Gervais personally) & it all makes for very entertaining viewing indeed...So can't wait for An Idiot Abroad 2 to come out on DVD in November now either which I've already pre-ordered! KARL MATE, YOU SO TOTALLY RULE THIS SERIES!!! ^^

  5.  I Think He's Absolutely Brilliant! ^^


    I only really first started to like this guy ever since he began fronting all those funny Direct Line adverts on TV alongside the likes of the just as funny Alexander Armstrong & then decided to search on YouTube for his "Live At The Apollo" sketch & have since then fallen even more in comedic love with him! I now have a pretty good feeling about this first live stand up tour DVD of his & that I'll enjoy watching every minute of it! ^^

  6.  A Wonderful, WONDERFUL Girlie Movie! ^^


    I remember wanting to see this movie when it was first released at the cinema a few months ago but never got around to doing so, but now I can safely say that it was well worth every penny choosing to just buy it on DVD when it came out anyway as I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it as I do with pretty much all & every chick flick movie starring the fantastic Kate Hudsen anway...Such a great storyline throughout & makes you feel like a million dollars inside at the end, all soft & gooey, like a decent chick flick should ^^

  7.  Made My Cry So Much This Movie! T~T


    I'm a huge fan of pretty much any & all chick flicks that star Kate Hudsen so I know without a shadow of a doubt that this latest offering of hers was gonna be of no dissappointing exception whatsoever...It's so incredibly heart-wrenching, funny & romantic all at the same time & leaves you feeling fabulous inside not to mention quite emotional if you yourself personally have been or know of anyone who has ever been affected by her very same events & scenario in the movie...All in all a very good watch indeed ^^

  8.  Sekirei - BOOBIES FOR THE WIN! ^^


    I'm a straight anime fanatic female who's always been very highly amused & entertained very much by the whole girlie big boobed/big bummed/ OTT T&A themed genre that is ecchi & this series is just one of many that remain a firm favourite of my constant viewing delight & pleasure! Am hoping that it's second season, Sekirei: Pure Engagement gets a UK DVD release very soon aswell! Such a fun, FUN series! ^^

  9.  A Total Masterpiece ^^


    I saw this at the cinema with my fiance when it came out in January this year ^^

    I was a bit surprised at all the songs in it, but still loved every moment regardless ^^

    Rapunzel makes for a wonderful Disney princess aswell as a feisty herione to boot ^^

    It's Disney's 50th animated feature with a new twist on an enjoyable fairytale classic ^^

  10.  A Russian Royal Gem ^^


    I've loved watching this wonderful animated film for years now since it's release ^^

    It's sequal Bartok The Magnificent also included in this DVD version is pretty great too ^^

    The animation, songs & characters are all simply superb & stunning throughout ^^

    A real must-have in any animated movie fan's DVD collection like myself ^^