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Product Reviews

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  1.  The Best First Person Shooter


    This game is pure quality, fanastic free DLC ( and loads of it ) and Vietnam DLC is amazing. Best Multiple Game Ever by Far. Blowing SH*T up has never been so much fun.

  2.  The Sound Is Amazing


    This is a great game - Okay the story was quick and easy, but still very polished and fun to complete. Mutiplayer is great, this section was developed by the Battlefield : Bad Company team, and is really good. But the thing about this, that stands out from all the other similar games (COD), is that the sound is amazing. Gun fire noises are nothing like you have heard... my ears are still ringing from last night. Buy this and turn the sound to full, you feel like you are in the middle of Black Hawk Down. You can't go wrong for under 20 pounds.

  3.  SBK Does It Better


    The Best Motogp version to date, was MotoGP08 - Why then has it gone downhill and not improved....The reason is that the Main Developers of Motogp 08 moved to the SBK series. Which is why the SBK series has got better and better. The graphics for this Moto-GP version are good, but nothing like the quality of SBK. I admit it is a 1000 times better than 09/10 version, but it still lacks the feeling of hanging on to a bike for dear life... which .. yes you guess it ... does in SBK. If you are a bike fan, then move to SBK. SBK2011 is out in May this year, and everyone is saying it is the one to wait for. Don't waste your money on this.

  4.  Best Bike Game Yet


    This game is awesome. Everthing that SBK08 should of been. The detail of everything from the bikes to the tracks is great. If you are into bikes then this is a must buy,

  5.  Keeps Getting Better Every Time You Play It


    I hated SBK08, MotoGP08 was far better. And within the first 5 minutes of playing SBK09, I thought not much change. Okay the menu's are nice, but its the racing that you are really bothered about. And the Racing really is much better. The tracks are better and theres more of them. The more you play and slide your bike the better the game keeps on getting. Online is not bad, sometimes a little jumpy but still good. The detail around the track is okay, far better than SBK08, but nothing like F1 Championship. The Game can still be improved but at the moment its the best one out there until MotoGP09 is released later this year. If you are into bikes then its a must buy.