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  1.  Dragging out the same old same old....


    Before I start - I love Irvine Welsh's previous novels. So I am very dissapointed to be here critising this latest outing for Rentboy and the rest of the trainspotting gang.
    Trainspotting was unique, Porno was excellent fun - but this story about how these characters came from teens to become the druggies and misfits seems one step too far and even as a firm fan of Mr Welsh's previous novels I felt it was time to move on and leave the Trainspotting gang and venture into new ideas.. Irvine Welsh could do so much more with his talent, to keep treading the same old ground feels to me like he is just looking to capitalise on these characters and to drag them out again is a bit of a let down...

  2.  Odd and unfulfilling


    Not great - confusing story and characters. The serial killer is dull, the murders are dull, the ending is dull... I gave it 3 stars as its not terrible, just seemed like 500 pages of effort with no exciting parts and I spent a fair bit of time backtracking as the characters are not well played out and I kept getting lost! Bottomline a pretty naff read, but readable just...

  3.  Don't get it... Its not that good!


    I read this and struggled to get to the end many times... I have always loved fantasy novels above and beyond all other genres, but this just felt like a generic attempt to cover the same old ground so many other authors have done "time and time" again and in many cases a lot better. Confusing characters and a long winded plot just made it hard work. Give me Joe Abercrombie any day, at least he is treading new ground in this field.
    So many of my friends rave about these books, but for me it looks like I wasted a fair amount of time and effort on the first one and I certainly will not be looking into the ridiculous amount of sequels!

  4.  Was surprised... Great read


    It is blatantly a rip off of Battle Royale. The author states she came up with the idea whilst watching reality tv and a war documentary, but I don't believe this for a minute, she saw or read Battle Royale and thought the idea would work in a US format - it is practically the same story... After the apocalypse a totalitarian government maintains control of its people by killing children in a contest format.
    But that said, it is still a great read, the characters are good and the action is pacy. Compared to Twilight rubbish, it is far better and the appeal is broader as I am not the target audience for this book, yet still thought it was a suitable adult read and a real page turner.
    If you have nothing left to read after Potter and Vegitarian Vampires - you won't find better than this!

  5.  Not... Let the Right One In - But still ok


    It seems odd that this book came after "Let the right one in", mainly because it is nowhere near as good... It feels more like the author had this as backup when the first novel was a success.
    The story is compelling and it is a very original take on the usual zombie fare! It looks at the problem not from dead people eating brains angle, but how would you actually deal with someone who died then came back to life. I enjoyed it, but it seemed to miss any real depth and the characters (bar the small boy who is brought back) don't stick with you and I came close to putting it down unfinished more than once.
    I expected more from this author with his second book, but didn't get it! Shame really as he does Vampires better than anyone else!

  6.  One of the best Vampire books ever written - Modern Classic


    The films made of this book were great films and touched a part of my heart other films rarely get anywhere near...
    The book is even better. Where the films are restricted by running time, the book wasn't. Eli's character in particular is developed in much more detail... Since reading the book I have brought it twice again for friends.
    Anyone who likes a bit of original horror and a compelling story line should read this book, it seems to touch a nerve inside that is very hard to explain, but a great feeling too... One of my absolute favourite books ever!!

  7.  Who doesn't want to see fighting robots???


    Great movie... Didn't expect it to be great , but was pleasantly surprised! Bit cheesy in places and a robot version of Rocky so nothing too new on the story... But, was loads of fun and Hugh Jackman is great!! Proper good family film!

  8. Life



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     Great read - even if you don't like the Stones.


    I have never been a big fan of the Stones, therefore I brought this book on a whim, also I've always struggled with over indulgent, self worshipping biographies of the rock elite.. But... This is something else. A small lad from a scruffy part of London, turned superstar and ultimately becomes the worlds most famous Junkie!
    Keith's story needs to be heard. Even after I read the book, I still didn't really like him or the Stones, but the story of unbelievable excess, beautiful women and Super Rock Stardom surely cannot be matched anywhere on the planet! Best rock biography I have read by a long way! Good ole Keith... how you are still with us is a question only the Man himself could answer!!

  9.  A book of challenges - but, so worth it...


    "Crime" is somehow very different from Irvine Welsh's previous books.. It has his feel and style... But, its touching and ultimately more heartfelt than past Welsh novels I have read.
    The main character Ray is a policeman who is painfully flawed, but you grow to like him and when you learn why he is like he is you grow to love him... This book deals with a very difficult subject matter and is hard reading at times, its a subject that not many authors would have the courage to tackle and its real and it happens. Welsh has a canny way of making you feel part of the story and I for one, really routed for Ray in the end... I was touched and amazed by how "powerful" this story became as I turned the pages... Beautifullly written and I "truely" hope people read this brief review and buy this book... Irvine Wlesh can be amazing and this novel is up there with the best I have ever read.

  10.  James can do no wrong!!


    One of the best male voices on the planet? Certainly within the UK...!!
    Not the last album which was beautiful, this one is more up beat and less "my heart is breaking"!! But, the amazing song writing skill and the... absolute... perfect voice, what more could you want?
    James Morrison deserves our love - he is simply brilliant!!