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  1.  Dissapointing, A new effort from EA, but poorly done.


    Its hard to know where to begin with C&C 4.
    I have been an Avid C&C fan since i was a schoolboy when the origional came out. As such, C&C has a long history with expectations to fullfill.
    Perhaps if this game was some standalone RTS title, it may have worked, but when you Buy C&C, you want C&C's expected elements.

    When i first played it, i thought, "hmm, interesting, this could be good!" but then i soon started to realise that that was a s good as it gets.

    I had heard bad things about it Pre-release but decided not to judge a title on simple hearsay and normally wouldnt mention such things in a review, but it really is worst case scenario.

    Firstly, the constant internet connection is troublesome, i work away a lot and would like to play on the move, this creates problems obviously. Poor decision there.

    Lets look at gameplay, in C&C you want bases, fortifications, and tanks! C&C4 just doesnt tick those boxes.
    You have a pre-set number of units, about 15 to 20 at most.
    And you win games on a scoring point syste, and upgrade units rather than building armys to suit your style of play.
    Also, C&C was always about balancing resource harvesting against building an army, in previous games you could lose a match through too much early military investment and neglecting any fore-thought in aquiring more resources. Here, there is no resource harvesting at all so thats another classic C&C box unticked.
    EA were obviously plannng to have you think more tactfully with regards to unit deployment, but this isnt the case. in fact the objectives in both single and multiplayer are pretty much the same, take and hold various points whitch gets old very fast.
    Also, its not particularly challenging and took me a single sitting to do a campeign. This is a complaint i have about many modern games, Seems games today are just too short.

    They have tried to follow titles such as DoW-2 with this but it is just plain boring. EA have used the C&C badge to try and push this product whitch almost feels like a slap in the face to a generation of loyal fans.

    The Storyline (i wont give any spoilers here) is also somewhat mediocre, again, even knowing what i know now i would still buy it just to see how the saga ends, but it really wasnt upto much, and certainly doesnt tie-in with Kanes Wrath at all.

    Bottom line, With a bit more thought, this game may have worked, but it just steers too far away from C&C to be what 90% of the fans are expecting.
    If you are an Avid C&C fan, then you will buy it to see how it all ends and just complete your collection. (like me.) but dont expect a game worthy of C&C's Final conflict.

  2.  Better than i had anticipated.


    Firstly, this game easily earns a 3 1/2 star rating, but obviously i cant do that.
    i didnt want to degrade it to 3 as it honestly deserves better than that,
    so i uprated it to 4 because its actually a decent game, unlike the usual mirriad of unfinished code that development houses tend to lump on the consumer in time for film release deadlines these days.

    Lets talk a little about the game.
    Visually, its beutifull! i have often found in the past, that jungle based games turn into various "oceans of green" and the landscapes get very "samey samey". Avatar was actually a pleasure to explore, a lot of thought and love went into the maps and landscapes.

    Also, throughout various settlements, mining camps, and other projects across pandora gave an interesting insight into this intriguing reality whitch seems to be all the talk across the internet.

    First, i played the Human campaign, this had a feel a lot like your typical FPS/RPG. a lot like mass effect or deadspace. Hardly origional, but easy to get to grips with.
    Although the campaign was very linear, you didnt neccisarily have to do objectives in a set order, and didnt have to follow a set path, overall, it didnt feel as free as the hype promised.
    The selection of weaponry and vehicles, as well as the varied skillset ment that you could do things "your way" in Avatar and in this respect, adds a certain level of Replay value that a generic shooter wouldnt provide, i did find myself feeling a bit overpowered at many points in the game, i didnt find many parts of the game all that challenging, and some "bosses" so to speak, were dissapointingly easy to kill, including the final showdown.
    There were some nasty bugs in the game, however nothing gamebreaking. one in particular, you have to fight a certain tribal leader on top of a plateu, and i accidently knocked him off.. we were well outside each others firing range and i had to spend the next 30 mins taking the long way round to even find him as he was stuck in a normally un-enterable crevase in the terrain.
    However, there are more than enough missions to make the human campaign long enough to still be entertaining without getting boring although the ending did seem a bit of an anti climax.

    The Navi campaign did seem much harder than the human campaign, however, i didnt find it half as entertaining.
    Again, i felt somewhat overpowered and devoid of any real strategic challenge, and the weapons, equipment, even the skills at my disposal just wern't as much fun..
    It is worth noting however, that both sides do play a lot differently, its a lot more than just "swapping a gun for a sword" that many RPG's do with charachter types.
    Also, the Navi campaign uses much more of the "continuous time delayed yet infinate spawning" of enemys in certain areas that i have come to hate in some games as i feel its a "coders cop-out" rather than a tactical development choice.
    I did encounter a few more bugs in this campaign, some of them distresingly annoying. And the ending of the campaign was devoid of any final boss.. I get the impression that the navi campaign was rushed and was likely completed close to the end of the games development cycle.

    Avatar isnt the usual "run of the mill" Movie based game.
    This is a cut above the average movie-game and is definately worth a look at its rather modest price tag.
    The Strategic "tactical mini conquest game" is also an amusing break from the Real time action, and although a bonus, rather than a key gameplay element, is still implemented well.

    I never bought this game, it was given to me as a present. It nearly never got installed due to the stigma of Movie-based games.
    This ones actually more than a cash cow in the milking

  3.  An awesome Handheld Strategy Game.


    First of all, i bought this game for the PS3 and was extremely dissapointed with it, as it was basicly Civ Light and lacked all the depth of its PC bretheren. The PS3 was capable of Soo much more.
    On the DS However, it is almost identical to its PS3 Bretheren, but with cut down graphics.
    This is what i expect from a handheld, not a console.
    As such, the sheer convienience of Civ on a handheld was fantastic!!
    For ore info, read my PS3 review as it has more info on my oppinion of the game. Truely an awesome game on the DS thats easy to lose hours of your life in..

  4.  Excellent Game, a big step up from Previous X's


    Ive always been a Fan of this Genre and have been following the X games since the Origional.
    The Developers, (Egosoft) have always focused on the Gameplay and other aspects like Plot, Cutscenes, ect have always been rather amature at best.
    X3TC has far more spit & Polish than its predeccessors and has an all round Professional look.
    The new interface seems unusual at first, and if you are a fan of the previous games, then you will probably find it awkward. but if you give it the chance it deserves it really is quite good and well worth sticking to. was a pleasant surprise.
    There is far more depth in X3TC than its predeccessors with rival corporations and much more Free traders, the universe feels much more alive. Also, a vast array of new ships and weapons are now available to the player making customisation of your empire more interesting than ever, the economy has also had quite an overhaul with a substantional ammount of new wares and ways to sell them.
    The new mission structure is intuitive and far more user friendly than previous X's too, although i do feel the Bulletin Board System shouldnt have been completely removed in favour of this new system..
    Personally, X3TC i feel is what X3 Reunion should have been as Reunion was a dissapointment due to it being almost a carbon copy of X2 with a new engine and a few new features..

    If you were a fan of the X-Tended Mod for X3, a lot of X3TC will be fammiliar as a lot of the awesome content from the main mods has been implemented.. Although thisd has led to a fantastic game, i cant help but feel that the community developed more of this game than the Developers did..
    There are some bugs and design oversights, as well as a few balance issues, but in usual Egosoft fashion i imagine these will be adressed in aftermarket patches as well as new content.
    All in all. A recommended purchase.

  5.  Dissapointing, Not a Great improvement on Dark Crusade.


    Firstly, im not a major fan of Warhammer 40k, but i do like the Books and the Storylines of this future, and have been interested in the litterature of this universe for some time, When Dawn of War was released i was extatic as im a Real RTS fan! DOW, Winter Assault, Dark Crusade have got progressively better as the series continued, Sadly, it stops there.

    Soulstorm is basicly Dark Crusade all over again, but minus some of the Polish that made DC so great.

    I shall start with its negative points.

    For example, when taking an Enemy stronghold, there is little or no dialouge or banter between any Faction leaders like there was in DC.

    Also, the Battle map view of the planets, its like looking at a 1980's RISK board game, none of the finer touches of DC's campeign map, and with only a few territorys on each planet, not really many more territorys than its preddeccesor. Also, many of the maps are in fairness, Too big!!

    Also, the variation of battle type. Like in DC, the Servitor mission, the convoy mission, Soulstorm lacks this variety, for the most part, the majority of Soulstorms missions are plain and simple "kill the enemy" type missions, also, all the Stronghold missions are more or less the same.
    Another mission gripe is all of the warp gate missions are "Take and hold Critical locations". Theres only so many times you can do that and call it fun with a straight face.
    Generally overall, the storyline was less involved, and had less dialouge than its preddeccesor. Also, the new races, as entertaining as the Dark eldar are, they are nothing radically new, and the sisters of battle are a bit too samey samey.

    If your well into skirmishing and Multiplayer in DOW, then Soulstorm is deffinately for you, Apart from that, i Feel Soulstorm took too many steps back, and not enough forward.

    I cant help but feel the Developers and publishers just used Soulstorm to cash in on a thriving franchise.

  6.  Showed Promise, but then it went downhill..


    This film started great! The Flood at the beginning in Wick was very well done, and the Flooding of London itself was Fantastic, But if you have just watched the TV Release of this, in 2 parts, i think many will agree that Part one was Much better than part two, All the Action and gripping moments happen in Part one, while part 2 mainly deals with the Drama aspect of this catastrophy.

    Before you read on, this contains mild spoilers.

    Furthermore, this film has some great actors, but thir parts are rather wooden, and the performances are less than great.

    The story follows certain seperate and unconnected groups of individuals and their battle to survive.
    However, the over dramatisation of some of them was just frankly, too much!! For example, the plumber and his daughter, their not entertaining, His charachter is Boring and really not too bright, Her charachter is annoying, and whiney! Also they play no part in the main story, and you could edit them out of the film entirely and no one would notice, it would also improve the quality of the film in my oppinion. At least the subway workers were mildly amusing.

    The story was good, the action was good, many of the charachters were questionable, the way it was put together though was rather poor as after the flood hit, it just got less and less interesting as it was trying to focus too much on Emotional pain, and Robert carlyles Cliche ex-wife love interest.. Several times you just want to say to him "Grow up and Get over it!" Poor scripting in my oppinion.

    Last but not least, the ending is sudden, and doesnt really complete the story.If you get the chance to see this 2 parter on TV, its worth a watch just to see the special effects and london getting flooded, at least part one is anyway.

    With a different Director, Better Screenplay, and a slightly adjusted Script, this could have been amazing! but just doesnt deliver. Ill give it 3 stars as part one was really good! just wish it had kept up the pace.

  7.  Better than i expected. but not without faults.


    After R.D.A left the series, Stargate stumbled and never fully recovered.
    Also, the "finished one problem and wandered into another" approach that introduced the Ori had the feeling of being rushed and clutching at straws really.
    I was never too happy with the whole Ori storyline as too much of it was really un-origional and rather dry.

    On the other side of the coin, i dont think they could have picked a better actor than ben browder to replace R.D.A and he did a fantastic job.

    After the rather dissapointing series finale on season 10 after 2 seasons of building the Ori up and then cancelling it, Given the fact that they were given just 2 hours to tie the whole thing up in Arc of Truth, i was sceptical.
    After watching it however, i was pleasently surprised!
    All in all, a nice tie in, i wont go into the plot as i dont like issuing spoilers, but it was well thought out and did what it intended to do nicely.
    The movie also had a much better quality feel to it than your average episode in terms of Dialoge, special effects, and sets. but wasnt overwhelming, on par really as what youd expect from a direct to DVD movie.

    One or two parts of the plot, just didnt add up however and felt either thrown in, or under used.

    first, (ill be vauge, if youve seen it, youl understand)
    the "ancient intervention".
    It seems like the producers decided that there was just no other way to overcome certain problems so they introduced this "wildcard" stab from the dark to solve these issues.

    Also, the IOA representative. Seriously, are there really people that careless and downright stupid in positions of power in real life? It beggers belief! also, very Cliche chalk and cheese here.

    And last but not least, Adria, a strong charachter, and did her job, but the actor who plays the head Prior, he was totally underused, he should have had a larger and more imposing role as he can deliver darkness when his role demands it.

    Also, this is no standalone, if you havent seen series 9 and 10 of SG1, this movie could get confusing.

    Overall however, i was pleasantly surprised by the finished result, and am certainly glad i watched it.
    Despite my gripes, Given the circumstances that gave this movie so little time to do soo much with an existing storyline, it delivered as promised, and i look forward to Continuum, whitch i am sure will be even better as there will be far less proverbial gloves on the production teams.

  8.  one of my favorite series of Trek, Ever.


    The whole series concentrates on one, long story ark.
    The Xindi.
    Personally, ive been waiting for Sci Fi to do this
    since the days of Babylon 5.
    Sadly however, our cousins on the other side of the pond dont look too fondly on long story arcs and this was part of the reason for Enterprise's demise.
    If your a Trek fan, or a casual Sci-Fi viewer,
    This will appeal to you.

  9.  Lacks the immersive feel of the series.


    Babylon 5 is probably one of the best Sci-Fi series ever made, it had a deep, compelling, and awe inspiring story line, not to mention bad guys that really could send shivers down your spine.

    Sadly, and new attempt at B5 has an awfully big set of shoes to fill, and lost tales, frankly, doesnt...

    The first story was about a demonic possesion.
    Kind of reminded me of Excorsist in Space.
    Was a pile of Sanctamonious religious rubbish..
    Babylon 5 has often had wonders that go back millions of years and influence belief and religion in its storylines, but this was just plain and simple rubbish.
    The whole religion card was way overplayed.

    The second story however, had much better dialouge and was quite a clever trip down memory lane.
    Although this didnt have the emotionally epic feel of the series, this story was worth watching.

    All and all, a welcome return of an old favorite, im just worried that future offerings will tarnish a great name if there not improved.

  10.  Excellent film, A unique Glimpse of Social development.


    First of all, this is an Action/Sci-Fi that really packs a punch and delivers in droves.

    The Story is well constructed, and the Dialouge is excellent. The special effects in this film are truelly awesome! No expense spared!! there also quite Gory and theres a lot of Blood! so if your squeemish, this might not appeal to you.

    This film also delves deep into the political and social mindset of future mankind, and shows how different the world is percieved in their eyes to how we view such things.
    The "Propaganda clips" are also incredible clever, there subtle yet cheesy! and there meant to be cheesy! some of them will even provoke a grin on anyone clever enough to appreciate them.
    (I wouldnt normally mention another review, but judgers seems a little unusual, as a confessed fan of the Genre, i find it hard to believe that you couldnt appreciate the cleverness and subtle tones this film oozes inbetween the hard core Sci-Fi Action.)

    Well recomended! Truely a modern classic!!

    The 1 and only bad point i have, is this films dreadfull excuse for a sequal, dont watch it! it spoils the origional!