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  1.  Disappointing.


    I had looked forward to watching the KIll List based on several reviews I'd come across but was left thoroughly disappointed. The film is rather a convoluted mess as it doesn't know what it wants to be. Some may say it was trying to merge different genres together, but if that was the case, and it may well be, it wasn't able to do it effectively.

    It's a domestic/social drama half of the time although the two male characters don't feel believable and come over more as caricatures. Intermittantly it goes into violent thriller territory and despite the graphic nature of it's violence, again it doesn't feel authentic and feels contrived. Moreover, it's not very well plotted, it leaves you more confused than intrigued. Then finally it moves into horror, which it manages to do best of all but it's at the very end and far too late to make any difference. I can't help but think that perhaps it should have played that hand from the start. Okay, it may not have been anything quite as original as it was trying to be, but at least it would have been a better film.

  2.  Excellent


    Watched this film last year on CH4 and just from the simple plot outline in the daily paper knew this would be a very good British film. Wasn't disappointed. Solid revenge film without pretensions; gritty and honest, without the usual political correctness that gets thrown in these days. (No ethnic minority and female leads just for the sake of it, or to fill a quota.) Very fine performances all round and a nice twist to boot.

  3.  Awful


    I hate to give any movie a rating this low but this truly was a dull and utterly boring movie. The first had some appeal but apart from two jumpy moments in an hour and 38 minutes, this one was literally like watching a mundane home movie. Not only is this a very poor film, it would in fact even make a very tedious home video. If you like this then maybe you ought to get a job watching carpark CCTV for a living.