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  1.  Buyers beware: it's not printed!


    As the title says, they've used simple transfer paper ironed into the t-shirt. This drastically reduces the shirt's lifespan, and effectively bans it from going into the washing machine (it would DESTROY the transfer paper!), making it a nuisance.

  2.  Just like the real thing!


    As other reviewers have noted, the attention put into detail is enormous. It has many types of minigames, which should be revisited after the park characters give you certain quests, such as obtaining 5 forks for Ariel in an on-rails minigame you already cleared as part of a "Finding Nemo" attraction. Two player coop is drop in drop out, easy and satisfactory. With the latest XBOX system update, voice commands have started to work noticeably better, stepping up from getting a rough 40% OK to mostly 95% OK.

    I advise you to install this game in the hard disk. Loading times are excessive sometimes, and can ultimately bore your kids. Not you, who have probably endured those Spectrum or MSX hard times with loading lapses of over 10 minutes back in the eighties. Some tech, eh?

    Overall, this is a very good game, perhaps not perfect but it is as good as any kinect game can get to deal with something like disneyworld/land. You'll also find its price to be ridiculous after you discover the gigantic amount of detail put into those graphics, design, music and sound effects. This is a truly impressive effort, not a quick cash-in as some might, and should, think at first sight. The videogame market, as any market, is not an honest one, specially not today.

  3.  Best Terminator movie


    Good art direction, nice grain/color posterize effect, great cast, superb sound/visual effects and a couple of tense moments that give this movie much more interest than what Arnold Schwarznegger did for the past films. There is one particular moment that WILL blow you away from your sofa, provided that you didn't know about it previously.

    This movie has been severely underrated, as well as it's official game, which I strongly recommend you to play with the help of a motivated mate.

  4.  Easy game, good co-op, buggy achievements and boring music.


    This game is a mix of a movie music, comic characters and good gameplay. The gameplay is good, tried and tested with very few bugs, but the characters and the music seem to come from distant galaxies: both are separately brilliant, but don't seem to mix well. Star Wars was coherent, Indiana Jones was coherent, Harry Potter is going to be coherent, but this... well, it's not.

    If you add to this mix the buggy achievements which WILL drive you insane in order to get 1000/1000G, you can conclude that this is by far the worst LEGO game for the 360.

    Only buy this for it's brilliant co-op gameplay.

  5.  Average game with *still* buggy online. Only for fans.


    Don't get me wrong, you can enjoy this game. You can even have a terrific time if you gather three friends and play the story cooperatively, since this is one of the very few titles that allow 4 players in the main campaign.


    ...the story is not well told.
    ...the dubbing is a bit weird.
    ...your online campaign can suddenly stop and hang up you 360.
    ...there is no way to save the game but to use checkpoints, and if you don't finish the campaign right from the start, you don't get your achievement. Add this one to the previous point, and you get a bloody annoying issue.

    Only buy this game if you are a fan of this (military friendly) saga, or if you want this for playing with friends.

  6.  Average Soul Calibur with awesome Star Wars characters


    This one improves the fighting experience we got with Masters of Teras Kasi in the original PlayStation, but comes a bit short when comparing it to the pure stylish, polished and COMPLETE Soul Calibur for Dreamcast. Leaves a bit to be desired if you are a Soul Calibur fan (hey, we've got hordes of randomly generated minions), but just fills the existing gap in the Star Wars fighting genre.

  7.  Great tech demo, less than average game.


    This game shows what the new consoles can do, but hardly reaches the level old consoles set. There is no real reason to hold you back from experiencing a massively recreated historical world with plenty of details and stimulating sound bits. This package (note the word "package", not game) must be played through at least one time. You will feel a lot of boring sensations, repetitive but interesting gameplay and you're going to be told an ultimately appealing story, which is going to most likely span through three historically independent games. For a tenner, it gets 3 well-earned stars. 1-star for the gameplay + 5 stars for the production values = 3 stars. Simple as it gets.