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  1.  Average film, good 3D


    Let me start by saying that the 3D element of this film is the best i have seen by far. There are very few "ghost" images, it has good depth and clarity and enhances the viewing experience (unlike a lot of 3D films).
    The problem with this film is not the technical aspects, which you would expect to be good for the amount spent on them, it is the story line. The Hobbit tells a story before The Lord of The Rings of Bilbo Baggin's first adventure. Unfortunately for Hollywood the Hobbit was a single book and not a very big one at that. The reason this is unfortunate is that the producers of the film seem determined to create another trilogy despite the limited scope and this means that very little happens in the first film. We get nowhere and it reminds me of the endless US dramas where, because the first series is a hit, they create another 6 series where nothing much happens before they get to a conclusion. This is the first film of The Hobbit. By the end of it you feel exhausted and like you have just wasted nearly 3 hours of your life that could have been condensed to half an hour. Don't get me wrong the scenery is epic, the special effects are fantastic. But the film goes nowhere. You meet the characters and then you are dragged through endless walks and meetings that do nothing to develop the story. At one point the characters are flying on giant eagles and you ask yourself "why didn't they just catch them at the beginning of the film and get to there destination sooner". It is an average film but Lord of the Rings it is not. I hope the second film moves at a much faster pace but, unfortunately, i doubt it will.

  2.  Awful


    This game is awful. Do not but it. First you have to sign up to the really annoying EA Origin. Second it is full of bugs and crashes all the time. EA are useless and this is the only game i have ever bought that i have actually thrown in the bin.

  3.  A-Team more like C-Team


    Being of an age to remember the classic TV series I was looking forward to the release of this movie. Unfortunately as with a number of recent releases of 70's and 80's TV series this disappoints on a number of levels. The action is okay as it should be with the technology available today but the characters are so badly portrayed and leaving you feeling empty rather than wanting more. I always feel that when they make these types of film they should use the original characters to introduce a new generation as they did, to a certain extent, with the Star Trek franchise. Trying to make a movie with the same characters always creates comparison and as with most of these the original is always better. Having said that if you have never seen the A-Team you will probably love this movie. If, like me, you remember the original you will think that these guys are the C_Team rather than the A-Team.

  4.  Disappointing and unexpected


    This is the type of film that leaves the audience disappointed with the unexpected way in which it portrays the life of Charles Bronson the renowned prisoner who has spent most of his life behind bars. If you are expecting a gritty biopic of Charles Bronson the man then you will be sorely disappointed. This is a surreal look at his life and gives you very little impression of the real person and prison life that he has experienced. There is no sense of the violence of the man and the characters are portrayed more as caricatures. You have the expectation at any moment that it will burst into song and turn into a musical extravaganza. If you enjoy the movies of Ken Russel then you will enjoy this. If not then steer well clear, it will not be what you expect from the title.